A Guide For Men On Putting Together The Perfect Suit

The professional men’s look is relatively easy to define. Unlike smart casual, the style has a clear set of rules that need to be met to execute it with class.

Nailing the professional look can send out a powerful message that you are efficient, ambitious and qualified to co-workers or clients. The secret to a successful smart outfit lies in the details and finishing touches which all pull together in an appealing and compelling way.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can easily succeed in finding the perfect suit for any formal event, prom, wedding or for business, including recommendations on how you can complete the look.

A suit and tie means business

No formal dress code would be complete without the classic two-piece suit. This consists of at least a pair of trousers and a jacket – waistcoats are usually reserved for weddings or very-formal events. There are ways to weave your personal style in using your jacket; single-breasted, double-breasted – and do you go unbuttoned?

A safe option is to go with a plain suit that’s a flexible colour, such as navy or black. This versatility makes it much easier to pair the suit well with a shirt and tie and can also be worn for many other occasions. Stick to timeless classics when it comes to shirts, especially white button-downs with an unbuttoned collar.

Your tie is your chance to express personality but should still retain professionalism. Avoid any over-the-top colours or patterns and, if in doubt, find a tie that matches the colour of your blazer and trousers.

cool man in 3 piece suit

Invest wisely in a timepiece

With the right foundations of your smart attire in place, you can start adding a few accessories to express your individuality and improve your style. The best way to elevate your outfit is by investing in a high-quality watch from a reputable brand. Not only do you want to choose a watch that grabs the attention of others but it should also be as comfortable as it is stylish.

A smart dress code calls for a more elegant-looking vintage watch over casual models. Opting for a leather strap over metal here can accentuate the rest of your outfit, providing a coherent look alongside your belt, shoes, and briefcase.

Spend money on quality shoes

The critical element of professional attire is a suitable pair of dress shoes. The most common style of leather shoe is the Oxford, which is a quintessential item for smart dress codes. Other appropriate shoes for smart wear include loafers and brogues.

The colour, pattern and sole shouldn’t be over the top; stick to the classic colours of black and brown leather. Anything that strays from the norm may clash with your outfit or look strange as current trends fade out.