The 5 Best Hats For People Who Love The Outdoors 

Everyone needs some dose of Vitamin D, and what better source of this than going outdoors and getting exposed to sunlight? However, too much sun exposure could also lead to adverse effects such as harmful UV rays, which may lead to skin diseases. Therefore, wearing the right gear and protection outdoors is essential.  

One of the best protective garments you need to wear is a hat. This covers your entire head and adds shade to your face. You can escape sunburn, melanoma, photoaging, and other skin abnormalities. While some men and women wear hats for fashion and style purposes, they come with functions beyond these two.  

Without further ado, check out the best hats if you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors.  

man walking wearing trucker hat

Trucker Hat  

Trucker hats are one of the mainstays in the headwear industry. It’s normal to see many people wearing trucker caps on the street and from all cities and regions worldwide. The biggest advantage of trucker hats is that they come in breathable and lightweight materials, suitable for people to wear outdoors.  

No matter how much you get sweaty, you can feel your head and scalp ventilate through the mesh cloth on the cap. This cap style is perfect for any age and gender. They don’t require much care as long as you learn how to wash a trucker hat. Additionally, trucker hats typically have a wider brim to provide maximum sun protection. This cap is ideal if you want to find a cap that covers your face from the sun.   

Nylon And Polyester Blend Hat  

Go for a nylon and polyester blend hat if you want practicality and aesthetics in one headpiece. This is the type of hat that promises sun protection and leaves room for breathability. Because of its wide brim and neck cape, the cap’s shade can cover and protect even your neck area. However, the cape can be removed if you don’t feel like using it. 

This is the best cap to wear when hiking. The sun can be very harsh, especially from noon until three in the afternoon. It’d be best to use the neck cape that comes with this nylon and polyester blend cap. Because of the materials used, this cap is sturdy but lightweight. 

With its moisture-wicking feature, you really can’t find a better cap than this. It’s probably why many proactive men prefer wearing this type of cap. Even on hot days, your head can maintain its cool. The key is to ensure to purchase the right cap size and you’re ready to hike anywhere you want to.  

woman outside in sun hat

Adventure Sun Hat  

This adventure sun hat kind of mimics a fedora-styled hat. They come with clean cuts and make great aesthetics for a hat. You should pick this hat style to look your best in the wilderness. Aside from its sun protection feature, many people love how it can add more fashion power to your hiking wear.  

This adventure summer hat can retain its original form, so you won’t have to worry even when they get crushed and folded into your backpack. As a full-brim hat that can be worn with any active wear, this hat is a good choice for backpacking trips. It’s the perfect hat that can help you withstand extreme sunny weather.  

Both men and women look great in this fedora-style hat. And it’s also ideal for young and young-at-heart fellows. Get ready to include this hat as you pack for your camping or hiking trip. Despite its secure shape and form, you’ll be surprised by how comfortable and soft the brim will fit into your head. Hence, it’s easy and comfortable to wear them all day long.  

Baseball Cap  

Getting a baseball cap is the best for youngsters who prefer a more comfortable, practical, and affordable cap choice. This is a pretty common headwear that has never gone out of style. You can see almost every kind of person wear this kind of cap. In fact, it could be possible for anyone to have at least one baseball cap in their wardrobe. 

This hat stays on when you’re active because of its low crown and snug fit. The visor shields your eyes and faces effectively from sunlight. Also, it can keep debris away from getting swept into your face. The baseball cap can come with various closures such as Velcro, snapbacks, and buckle straps. If you’re trying to master the athleisure style, you should own several baseball caps in your wardrobe.   

This is the perfect hat for hot weather, and any hiker can easily stash this cap into their hiking bag or outerwear. There’s a wide range of colours, designs, and sizes. So, finding one that suits your taste and style can be easy.  

A lightweight material, a modern cut, and a back head strap make the fit exceptional. It’s easy and fast to adjust the fit, thanks to a simple slide buckle. The material is extremely lightweight and comfortable against the head. It also boasts a moisture-wicking feature, allowing your head to stay cool even in sweaty situations.  

Bucket Hat  

Bucket hats are also a favourite of many people. If you’re a fan of collecting various hats, you surely won’t miss this one. A bucket hat is one way for you to continue looking chic or handsome even as you explore the flora and fauna of nature. 

If you’re planning to snap some selfies and solo photos, these hats make great props for your overall aesthetical charm. They can easily be folded so you can bring this hat to any destination and trip. In addition to being water-repellent, it also comes with an ultraviolet protection factor.  

This means you can combine function and aesthetics in one hat. This bucket hat style is available in a variety of neutral colours. You can easily mix and match it with various hiking outfits. Don’t forget to bring them along with your essential hiking gear for beginners.    


Caps are essential protective garments that protect your head, face, and skin from UV rays. Choosing the right hat that can serve its ultimate purpose is paramount. While there are many factors to consider, the list of best hats above is helpful enough to guide you when shopping.