Best Gym Wear For All WorkOut Types

Recently signed up for a new gym membership? Or invested in some home gym equipment? Either way, you will be needing some workout clothes to help you stay motivated and feel your best. There are some different types of the best gym wear that can be used for your workouts. Here are our recommendations.

Go for a durable fabric

You will be moving lots while exercising so it’s important to go for a durable fabric that won’t break easily and can last for a good few years. For example, when you’re doing squats or lunges, you need gym leggings or shorts made from long-lasting material. It’s worth spending extra to get a resistant pair of shorts or leggings, especially if you’re planning to wear them regularly. Sometimes buying a few pairs at once will tide you over and save you money in the long run. Tencel, Bamboo and polyester are three durable fabrics.

Go for fabric that is breathable incase you become too sweaty and uncomfortable, even if you’re at home using your own gym equipment UK solutions, you can still look good and it’s key to be comfortable. If you don’t have good gym wear you might be tempted to give up and this shouldn’t be an option. Nylon, Gore-tex, Bamboo, spandex, wool and polyester are all made with breathability in mind.

For some, it’s important to stay sustainable when buying gym clothes, and any type of clothing. Hunt sustainable brands down to invest your money wisely and fight fast fashion that can be damaging to our planet and for workers’ rights. If you’re buying in a retail store, make sure you know they are eco-friendly or at least trying to be. Good sustainable materials are the quick growing bamboo, Tencel (made from wood pulp) and recycled materials.

a woman wearing the best gym wear

You can’t be working out without a decent pair of trainers

If you’re new to working out you should get your hands on a durable pair of trainers for running, and sports, breathability is always a benefit if you will be moving lots. Some might already have trainers, if so, you could treat yourself to a new pair to feel refreshed and ready for a new workout routine. Make sure you aren’t wearing skate trainers to exercise as you could get an injury and slow down your progress journey.

For ladies… A sports bra is an essential

It’s crucial to wear a sports bra for any exercise and wouldn’t be comfortable without one. Some need more support than others, but you can find the perfect size for you by ordering online or trying it on in sports shops. Investing in a few sports bras to tide you over if you plan to workout a few times a week will save you washing a single bra all the time. Sometimes you can find colours to match your gym water bottle or your trainers, brands usually have a selection of different fits too.

Treat yourself to some activewear for your workouts and you will feel more motivated. There are a few essentials you should definitely have then some extras that are options, such as accessories like a water bottle. Also good support is not just needed for a sports bra, make sure you have the right pair of shoes for running and the gym.

Athleisure all the way

If you are looking for fashion gym wear that can be worn outside the gym, look for the athleisure brands like Gymshark, Gym King, Sik Silk, 11 Degrees, and for luxury Reiss.


Best for larger ladies

Most retailers offer plus size activewear for comfy and supportive workout gear for all body shape and sizes. Both Boohoo and Asos have great ranges of stretchy crop tops and larger-bust bras for curvy women, with leggings going up to size 28.