10 Of The Best Pairs of Running Shoes for Women

Running is a great sport and a great way to get some exercise. It is also not without its risks, like injury and the dreaded overuse of muscles. Here are 10 of the best pairs of running shoes for women that may help you avoid these problems.

Every woman’s feet and running style is different, but there are still some shoe features that can support any type of runner’s needs. Finding the right pair of running shoes for women can be difficult, so check out these top picks! 

  1. Hoka Rocket X Running Shoes

Hoka is a company known for its superior running performance, and that is exactly what you get with the Hoka Rocket X. This shoe uses a stability-oriented design and a lightweight, breathable mesh upper to keep your foot at comfortable temperature.

The Hoka Rocket X also has a Carbon Rubber outsole that features enhanced durability in wet or dry conditions. Plus, these shoes have an interchangeable platform for different types of ground surfaces so you can easily switch from asphalt to trails without having to buy multiple pairs of shoes.

  1. Saucony Guide 14

For the heavier set and overpronator runners, Saucony’s Guide 14 is an excellent option. The shoe features a minimalist design with tons of cushioning and a wide toe box to accommodate all types of runners.

It is also made with Saucony’s ISOFIT technology for natural foot movement and a supportive fit that keeps you on your feet all day. Plus, the shoe gives you a better stride thanks to its increased stability from the Segmented Fit collar, which provides more support in high-impact areas like the heel.

  1. Allbirds Dasher Wool Mizzle

This shoe is made from ‘renewable natural material’. It uses renewable materials to create the product, making it a good fit for environmental purposes. It’s very comfortable and keeps your feet dry. There is also a winter version, which will keep your feet dry on muddy days.

  1. Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next%

If you’re looking for a pair of running shoes for women, it is important to consider how much cushioning you need or want. Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% has great flexibility and bounce back from the impact, so you will feel like you are running on clouds. It’s a good all-around shoe, and it’s easy to see why they’re the number one shoe for long-distance runners. If you can afford it and feel like looking foolish at the start of a race, they are the best women’s running shoes to take your time down with.

  1. Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

Women tend to prefer higher heels than men, so it makes sense that women’s Asics have a slightly different sole profile, with a shorter toe box and narrower forefoot. The women’s version of the shoe has a 13mm toe drop, while the men’s version has a 10mm toedrop. If you’re a beginner looking for a neutral, forgiving everyday shoe, these are for you. This is an excellent everyday training shoe that is comfortable and well-cushioned.

  1. Brooks Adrenaline 21

This is a good pair of running shoes if you have never tried them, as they provide excellent cushioning and are very forgiving. The only change from the last version is that the DNA Loft (Brooks’s highly rated midsole foam) has been extended from heel to toe to give a softer, bouncier ride. It’s classified as a stability shoe, and for the most part, it delivers a stable, reliable ride for those looking for that ideal marathon shoe.

  1. Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run is an excellent pair of shoes for any woman who is a distance runner. These shoes are designed to help your feet stay in place and provide longevity in your running. These shoes also have a lightweight design with a cushioned midsole that will keep you comfortable while training. Additionally, these shoes have a responsive outsole that will help you maintain traction on the ground while running. The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run has been made specifically for women runners; therefore, they have been given a wide width to accommodate any foot size.

  1. Nike React Infinity Run FK2

Nike has re-engineered their popular “React” shoes and created a whole new model called the “Infinity React.” The new models reduce the impact felt by the heel during a run and help prevent injury. Nike has done everything possible to make the upper more comfortable and has maintained or increased the stability. These are great shoes for beginners and experienced runners alike.

  1. Brooks Levitate 4

The Brooks Levitate is a reliable option for beginner and marathon runners. While it is expensive at £140, it lasts well and provides a good amount of support and cushioning for longer distances. In tests, the trainers wore less than many of its competitors after hundreds of miles.

  1. Altra Rivera

Altra’s new shoe takes the minimalist shoe concept to a delightful new place by adding some resilient cushioning, a responsive feel for the ground, and an overall sense of realness and fun without subjecting the foot or body to the harsh realities of the running experience.

The upper profile, highly-resilient and durable AltraEGO midsole foam, combined with the soft and plush sockliner and high-density EVA outsole, make for a smooth, stable, and responsive ride. The Rivera excels for efficiency and speed, and it will serve well for long runs and for short sprints, as well.

Women running

Why Women’s Running Shoes Are Different

Women have a different type of running experience than men do. Women often run with shorter strides, which means they don’t really need the same type of shoes that men do. They are also more likely to have narrower feet than men and they maybe experiencing foot problems that women’s shoes can help alleviate.

Women’s shoes usually have a lighter weight and flexible design, which is perfect for women who don’t like too much support. They are also designed with smaller toe boxes and less foam cushioning, which decreases the impact on the runner’s joints.

There are many types of running shoes for women but certain things to look for in any shoe, including:

  • Look for a lightweight design made from a breathable material
  • Check to see if the shoe has adequate cushioning and flexibility
  • Don’t forget to check if there is sufficient space in the toe box–this will decrease foot pain!

Buying A Pair of Running Shoes For The First Time

If you’ve never bought a pair of running shoes before, the process can be overwhelming. If you’re not sure what kind of running shoe would work best for your needs, it might be time to try a new sport.

A great way to start is by visiting your local store. Go into the store and explore the different types of running shoes on display. Take note as to what kinds of features they have, like cushioning or stability. It may take some trial and error before you find the perfect women’s running shoe, but it’s worth it in the end!

If you’re still not sure whether you should buy a pair or try out a new sport, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my current running goals?
  • How long do I plan on being active?
  • Do I need support for my foot type?
  • Is this a hobby or something that I’m passionate about?

What To Look For In Running Shoes

  • A running shoe should be the right size. Your shoes should feel comfortable and not too tight or loose.
  • They should provide cushioning support and impact protection, with a cushioned insole that you find most comfortable.
  • The shoe should have a good grip on the ground to prevent slipping or tripping as you run.
  • Look for a shoe that is breathable, especially if you run in hot weather.