Creating an Instagram-Worthy Bathroom Design for Your Home: Innovative Ideas and Inspo

Last Updated on 17th November 2022

Is your bathroom far from the stylish spa-like atmosphere that you see on Instagram? Do you walk into the space and wish you could change everything about it? Plenty of homeowners feel the same way, which is why it’s one of the most popular rooms in the house to renovate. Even if it was originally your dream bathroom, tastes and styles change over the years which is why updates are necessary.

If you have the goal of creating an Instagram-worthy bathroom design for your home but aren’t exactly sure where to get started, then we’ve got ideas and inspiration that will help. Let these act as your launching pad as you put together your design plan.

bold orange bathroom


It’s Time for a New Colour Palette

You simply can’t create a fresh new space without bringing in a new colour palette. The paint colour sets the whole tone and can make or break your project. Before choosing the wall colour ask yourself if you want the bold feature to be the paint or decor. You don’t want to do both, as it will appear too busy. If you choose a light neutral colour on the walls, it leaves a blank slate in terms of bathroom decor and accessories. This is often the easier and more comprehensive way to go about the design project.

Wallpaper Is Having a Moment Once Again

If the thought of wallpaper makes you want to run in the other direction, it’s time to stop and reassess everything you think you know about it. The wallpaper of the past was difficult and time-consuming to hang, and even more of a nightmare to remove. That’s not the case nowadays. New products and technology mean it has become way easier. You can even find peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Because wallpaper is a hot trend at the moment, you may want to consider an accent wall. You’ll still have all the drama that it brings, but the cost and effort are reduced drastically. Choose the peel and stick, and then you have the peace of mind that it’s not permanent, and it is easy to remove.

stlish open bathroom

Bathroom Lighting Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

One mistake homeowners make is to ignore the bathroom lighting. If you think the existing fixtures are just ‘good enough’, you’re doing your design plan a disservice. Lighting plays a huge part in the overall design and helps to add warmth, drama, comfort and style to the room.

Besides replacing the existing light fixtures, consider installing additional lighting so that the space always feels bright and open. Designers recommend mixing and matching when it comes to the style of lighting so it has a customised look. It can also be a nice touch to add a dimmer switch for the overhead light.

Don’t Try to DIY the Plumbing Work

While there are plenty of aspects of a home renovation or makeover that you may be able to tackle yourself with great success, there are other projects better left to the experts. If you plan on moving the location of any of the existing plumbing or even basic plumbing work, it’s typically best left to the professionals. If not done properly, you risk a water leak, which can cause significant and expensive water damage. That’s not something you want to deal with in your beautiful new Instagram-worthy bathroom.

If you’re looking for plumbers in Manchester, you can check out a site like to get a list of all the available plumbers and a brief blurb about them. Just make sure to look for a qualified plumber who has experience with the kind of work you want to be done.


vanity sinks and mirrors

Give the Vanity a Designer Look

The bathroom vanity is meant to serve a couple of purposes. It houses the sink and typically provides some sort of storage. Rather than looking at it strictly as a utilitarian piece, the vanity can be a beautiful piece of furniture that has a designer feel. Both large and small bathrooms can benefit from an upgraded vanity.

When choosing a vanity, the main things to be mindful of include:

  • Size
  • Double or single sink
  • Under sink storage
  • Open vs closed storage
  • Material
  • Finish

If a new vanity isn’t in the budget, you can always give your existing one a makeover. Depending on the type of material it’s made from, you may be able to refinish or paint it, and install new taps and new hardware (door handles, pulls and knobs). These few simple steps will completely transform its look.

Plush Linens Ooze Elegance and Luxury

For those who are trying to create a high-end spa-like feel, plush linens are an absolute must. Thick, plush towels will look elegant and luxurious and will feel fabulous to the touch. You can also carry this theme into the bath mat that you choose.

taking selfie in bath

Go for an Oversized Mirror

Shopping for a bathroom mirror should be on the to-do list, as this is another important feature in an Instagram-worthy bathroom. Ideally, you want to pick a mirror that is as big as the space allows. This is the time to go bold. Choose a mirror with interesting framing details or an unusual shape for added interest.

To update an existing mirror that doesn’t necessarily need replacing, you can build a frame around it. It will look as though it came that way and you’re truly customising it. A simple wood frame can be built, and stained/painted in any colour you want.

Remove All the Clutter

One thing that you won’t find in an Instagram-worthy bathroom is clutter. Everything needs to have a place and not be left out. If you’re used to strewing items across the counter, it’s time to get serious about the organisation. It is probably wise to do some research into bathroom storage options so you can find something that meets your needs size-wise, but also has style to it.

stylish black bathroom
Flooring can transform a bathroom

Re-Tile the Floor and Get Maximum Impact

If you’re ready to take on a big project that delivers huge results, then retiling the bathroom floor is the way to go. There are hundreds if not thousands of tiles to choose from in different materials, sizes, colours and finishes.

It can feel a bit daunting to first-time bathroom renovators, so if that sounds familiar keep things simple with tried and true materials. Typically, the most popular tiles are porcelain, marble, limestone and slate. Each has its pros and cons so it’s important to do a deep dive into the research before you decide. Be sure to also ask questions, especially regarding care and maintenance.

Don’t Forget the High-End Toiletries

The final touch to your Instagram-worthy bathroom is the high-end toiletries. Just imagine if you were to stay at a five-star hotel or resort — imagine the toiletries they would set out and then use that as inspiration. Choose hand soap and lotion that has a light, crisp and pleasing smell and transfer them into decorative bottles/containers that can be refilled.

By using these ideas and inspiration and taking the time to create a cohesive and beautiful bathroom remodel plan, your results will be nothing short of spectacular. It will also ensure that the typical stress involved in a bathroom remodel is kept to a minimum. By the time you finish your project, you’ll be anxious to show it off to all your friends and family.