Earring Trends You Need to Know for 2023

2023 is nearly here, and the word on the street is that earrings are the accessory of the moment. From oversized hoops to bold statement pieces and drop earrings, those earlobe piercing present the perfect way to express style and make that fashion style statement.

We asked experts FJewellery for the upcoming earring trends that will be catching everyone’s attention this year. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or something a little more daring, these will have you looking your best in 2023.


For jewellery aficionados, hoop earrings are a classic choice that will remain popular in 2023. Regardless of size or thickness, there is a hoop design to suit everyone’s preferences. To make a bolder fashion statement, experiment with different materials such as beaded styles to add a splash of colour to your outfit.

hoop earrings

Charm hoops

Charm hoop earrings are decorated with a variety of adornments including silver or gold trinkets, gemstones, beads, and pearls. This type of earring is a combination of a hoop and a dangle earring, giving it a sophisticated look. With a variety of options, you can purchase a pair with interchangeable charms that can easily be changed to fit your style and mood or even your zodiac signs.

Mismatched styles

If you’d like to express your free-spirited character through accessorising, mismatched earrings are a great choice. Stacking earrings are a smart way to create a coordinated look while still having fun. These sets usually come with multiple pairs that feature slight differences in colour or design, but all look good when worn together.


Long statement earrings are not only appropriate for special occasions; they can give a regular outfit an extra boost of sophistication. Pulling your hair back into an updo is a great way to show them off and effortlessly infuse some glitz into your appearance.

Wearing chandelier earrings can give one’s face a sophisticated appearance, a timeless style that has been accentuated by hairstyles that are cut short. These impressive items of jewellery have gone from being used in formal events to being worn in a professional setting.


The classic beauty of pearls is something that everyone admires and always on trend. We are especially fond of the creative and modernized versions of pearl earrings. From unique shapes, colours, additional decorations, and metalwork, modern pearl earrings are a trend that should be appreciated throughout the year and will always be one of the most popular earring trends due to the stylish sophistication it exudes.

Pearl earring and necklace
Bring back the vintage look with Pearl earrings

Shoulder dusters

The more recent types of shoulder dusters have been very distinct, and currently, the term is used to describe any kind of long, dangle-style earrings. Many of the most exquisite pieces seen on the catwalks had diamonds and fringes, and they are an ideal pick to give your wardrobe that extra special something in 2023.


When it comes to jewellery, seashell designs were highly visible in London, Paris and New York, with both gold-plated and authentic shell pieces being widely admired. In particular, earrings underwent a beach-inspired transformation. To give any ensemble a casual, relaxed vibe, select from small studs, bold statement earrings, or dangly earrings for the ideal touch.

Statement earrings

Size is significant when it comes to statement earrings. If you are trying out different hues, shapes, and textures, these festive pieces are ideal to complete any look. From cascade and oversized designs to ornamental earrings and semi-precious accents, statement earrings are going to be a major fashion trend next year.

Ear chains

The ear chain is an increasingly popular type of earring for 2023, which consists of a looped chain dangling from the ear, holding together several stud piercings. This style works best with an updo or shorter hair and can be mixed with other kinds of earrings for a more dramatic effect.

Single earrings

The current fashion trend of wearing multiple earrings in one ear has made single earrings more in demand for the new year, as people can purchase just one earring and mix and match it to create unique looks.

People have their own perception of unique designs, and no two collections of earrings will be the same. Wearing single earrings can be a fun way to express yourself, as you can blend a variety of shapes and lengths as long as the sizes of the earrings are balanced.

So there we have it, time to get past the simple starter stud point and get the trendy earrings for 2023.