Feel Fabulous and Look Stunning with Sleeper’s Feather Trim Pyjamas!

Winter is in full force and the festive days filled with wonder and joy are drawing ever closer. But the holidays are not just about meeting family and friends, favourite films, and walks. Winter brings its hassle too. And one of the important questions is “How to update one’s wardrobe in the run-up to the new year?”.

The Ukrainian brand Sleeper knows all about comfortable, multi-functional clothing, ideal for a quiet, relaxing day with your favourite book, an academic conference, a friendly gathering, or hitting the dance floor in a posh nightclub. Everything from white feather pyjamas for parties to slick suits with no sign of ostrich feathers.

Pyjama party outfits: white feather pyjamas and other options for fashionistas

Speaking of the Sleeper brand and its products, the pyjamas are a good place to start, of course. After all, it was the stylish black and white striped pyjamas that made up the young brand’s very first collection in 2014.

With not-so-sleepwear pyjamas, which were more like lavish but comfortable casual suits, the brand conquered fashion Olympus. Today, pyjama party outfits in a variety of styles and colours have become one of the designers’ trademarks.

Pyjamas with feather trim: all-purpose white pyjamas for all occasions

You could say that “white is the new black”, but in fact, white wardrobe pieces are as basic as the famous “little black dress”. And white feather pyjamas are a great option, opening up new horizons for fashionistas.

What do you need to know about this PJ with feathers?

Designers give customers the opportunity to prove themselves in the art of being extraordinarily stylish. The white set is sure to leave no one indifferent.

The main feature of this pyjama is, of course, the feathers adorning the cuffs of the sleeves and ankle-length trousers. These delicate embellishments will refresh the image and allow you to show the sophistication and soft femininity of a fragile nature.

The feather pyjamas set is the best solution for

  • parties;
  • New Year’s Eve gatherings with friends;
  • a romantic evening with your significant other;
  • a Christmas gift for your sister, or a fashionista friend.

But festive occasions and holidays are far from the only excuse to become a show-stealer in pyjamas with feather trim.

The trick is that the feathers on feather PJs are removable. Meaning your favourite white pyjamas won’t have to be kept in the wardrobe till the next party. Tone the outfit down a bit by simply removing the feathers from the cuffs, and the set is turned into a cosy casual suit that fits in perfectly with the office dress code.

Just spice up the white with your favourite black loafers, a brightly coloured bag, a stylish cardigan, or a choker – voila, you’re gorgeous day in, day out.

This pyjama with feathers will impress not only those around you but also the wearer.

The viscose used to make the set guarantees a pleasant tactile feel, no allergic reactions, and easy care for the beloved costume. Being stylish has never been so easy and pleasant.

woman in pyjamas
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/forevervanny/

Panama’s with feather trim: white is not the only choice

Don’t think that the pyjama party outfits collection is limited to white. Apart from the white pyjamas, the black pyjamas with feather trim from Sleeper is a real favourite. However, even that is not all. The variety of colours strikes the most sophisticated imagination.

On the brand’s website one can find:

  • Blue feathered pyjamas with lipstick red piping; 
  • Set in Hot Pink;
  • Whiskey Brown for those who love understated shades;
  • The color Mint;
  • Blue Vichy is for those who love to mix different shades.

Pyjamas with feathers are available in sizes XS-XXXL.

Feather pyjama sets new stylish solutions

This season’s newest product is the feather PJ set Black Tie. It’s a feast for lovers of turtlenecks and bright shades.

The set consists of loose trousers and a long turtleneck. The trousers and turtleneck sleeves are three-quarters in length. Feathers traditionally decorate the cuffs and sleeves. Feather-trimmed pyjamas Black Tie are offered in hot pink and black colours.

But the brand also has something to offer those who prefer stylish and more understated looks. In addition to feather-trim pyjamas, the designers offer sizeless pyjamas for comfort fans. The elegant sets are available in mint, blue, lilac, dusty pink, and black and white. In addition, you’ll be delighted by the sophistication and lightness of Origami’s pleated suits.

woman in feathered pyjamas
Source: Sleeper’s official Instagram

Dress with feathers: the royal elegance of evening gowns

There are many facets to being a woman. Some ladies are most comfortable in trouser suits, while others prefer evening dresses. Boheme Slip Dress with feathers in white, pink, blue, and black is sure to appeal to the latter. 

This dress with feathers is designed to make the wearer the star of the red carpet. Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, the slim-strap midi dress pairs perfectly with stiletto heels and an elegant clutch. Add a belt or a pair of bracelets or your favourite gold earrings as accessories and there you have it: your favourite dress with feathers across its bodice will make you the queen of any evening.