Offensive Fashion

To be offensive is causing someone to feel resentful, upset, or annoyed. In a fashion sense, the anti-establishment Punk Era used shock value to stick two fingers up and the establishment and got the movement noticed. Lewd slogans, ripped jeans, distressed shirt and wild and colourful hairstyles. Once it would have made old ladies gasp in the street and shake their heads at the youth of the day. Now it’s standard high-street fashion trends that does not even turn heads, let alone being offensive.

When you think of Offensive Fashion now, it is more likely your mind wanders to some of the many bad taste PR disasters or scandal in the Fashion World. Sometimes used as a viral marketing strategy to get exposure and attention, other times it can be down to poor judgement and cultural sensitivity. Fashion is big business, but now social media carries a wave of righteousness and outraged vitriol for those that offend. Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, Gabbana, Yandy, Prada and Katy Perry Collections made headlines for the wrong reasons in recent years, mostly raising eyebrows with noose around necks on catwalks and racial connotations to their designs. With social media’s mass protest mentality, brand boycotting is a real issue for clothing brands.

But thanks to sponsoring the Singapore F1, new clothing brand Offensive Fashion look to change that thought process. Looking to be the next big thing in the menswear and womenswear fashion industry, they launch in 2020 with a clever play on words, and an eye on the Anglo-Asian clothing market. With an aim to be producing high-quality and long-lasting garments, their unisex range of T-Shirts and embroidered Polo shirts conform to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards. The Polos are 100% brush cotton, and the tees 92.5% cotton and 7.5% Spandex. Each design comes in Navy Blue, Black and White colourways.

Offensive Fashion

Offensive Clothing ticks all the right boxes; practical, well made, and suitable for day and evening wear, making it the perfect holiday gift and spring/summer purchase. And covering both the Europe and Asia markets from their UK and Singapore base to really cover that international market. With photoshoots in Singapore and Bali, and a launch event in London to come, exciting things are predicted for this brand.

Available online for international delivery from Saturday 1st February at and coming soon to a fashion retailer near you. Follow them @offensivefashion

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Chloé Safilo
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