Fresh Ego Kid

Year Started:2014


Fresh Ego Kid is an urban wear brand that really hits the back of the net. But what’s the backstory? 

Who owns Fresh Ego Kid?

Fresh Ego Kid was launched in 2010 by Marvin Morgan, then a professional footballer for Aldershot. The Fresh Ego Kid owner wanted to fill his spare-time by designing clothes rather than buying them. Starting with Snapbacks, and then expanding to hoodies and tee’s, FEK has been taking on the Fashion world by storm.

“Boredom was my motivation,” he explained. “I just got home from a session one day and sat in front of the computer. I was so bored. I was fed up with spending money on clothes, fed up with shopping, fed up with playing computer games.”

Marvin Morgan.thumb

Despite having no experience of graphic design, Marvin created the logo for his new brand. “It was as simple as that,” he says.

“As footballers, we finish at 1pm. That’s it. Once we’ve finished training, there’s nothing at all to do. I decided to do this.”

“I want to learn more about business because footballer’s careers are short. But I just hate the boredom footballers have in the afternoons.”

Celebrities wearing Fresh Ego Kid

As a player Morgan was known for his battling determination to win, and this has been replicated with Fresh Ego Kid and it’s Social Media Promotion. The journeyman striker has scored many goals in his career, but no doubt that feeling has been replicated seeing his label on such celebrities as Little Mix, JLS and Cruz Beckham. Fresh Ego Kid is fast developing a host of celebrity fans and a cult following, so remember the name.


Fresh Ego Kid Snapback

We asked the Urban Wear fashion experts at Thomas Gun what they thought of the brand and they confirmed it’s always been a big seller and highly popular. Top sellers over the summer were the Cool Grey Shorts and Cream Shorts which sold out quickly, but the standout sellers were the range of Snapbacks which sold in record numbers, all pointing to a rise of the brand set to hit the highest heights.

Morgan’s football career might not have been successful as he would have wished, but his fashion label is certainly showings the signs of making him the house-hold name. Certainly, their snapbacks rival that of Scar Tissue Clothing in popularity.

Fresh Ego Kid Caps

Fresh Ego Kid Summer Collection



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