Fall in Love with These 9 Autumn Trends That Look Good on Everyone

Last Updated on 23rd August 2022

Are you ready for autumn trends? Well, brace yourself because this year’s trends are on a whole new level. Of course, fall trends that appear every year are still a go—such as camouflage, plaid, chunky scarves and other autumn favourites. But the runways at New York Fashion Week unveiled styles that will challenge any daring fashionista to go bold.

While these trends might be fierce, you can always put your own interpretation on them to make them more approachable and applicable to your day-to-day life. So, let’s dive into the autumn, fall and winter trends of 2020 so you can start creating the coolest plus size fall outfits.

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Dramatic Sleeves

Embellished and puffy sleeves are not a new trend. In fact, they’ve been around for a couple of seasons now, and it looks like they’ll be around for another. Whether your blouse or top of choice is an off the shoulder sweater or a blazer, prioritize tops that have a dramatic or an embellished sleeve or shoulder. If you’re not a fan of puff sleeves, but you still want to partake in this trend, try a blazer or a coat that has dramatic padded shoulders or sleeve embellishments. The great thing about embracing this trend with outerwear is that you can easily remove the garment if you aren’t feeling confident in it.

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Fringe hemlines were a major hit at New York Fashion Week this year. Fall is really the best time to embrace the fringe because it’s not too cold outside and you can get away with having a more whimsical hem. Fringe dresses were extremely common on the runways, but you can also get creative with other pieces that incorporate fringe like blouses, sleeves or coats. And if you’re looking for a more practical and approachable way to embrace the trend, try accessories that include fringy accents such as a necklace or bracelet. You can also top off any look with a bag that has fringe embellishments.


It’s going to be a sparkly autumn! From bright gold to muted bronze, shiny garments are stealing the spotlight this season. Wearing a brightly colored gold dress may come off as a little extra, depending on your style, but you can easily offset the dress with a dark-colored duster coat. This will instantly limit the shine, but still ensure that you’re partaking in the gold trend. And, of course, you can embrace gold accents and accessories if you don’t feel like wearing an entire gold getup.

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Aren’t cardigans in every fall? Of course, but this year, they are in like never before. While cardigans used to serve as the afterthought to an outfit, they are now the main attraction. From cropped cardigans to long duster cardigans, they should be the star of every fall look. If you consider yourself a cardigan connoisseur, get creative this season and play with different fabrics, materials, patterns and styling techniques.

For example, you could add a statement belt to a chunky cardigan, which will not only flatter your figure, but it will also make the cardigan stand out. On the days where you don’t feel like getting dressed, have a statement cardigan ready in your closet, pair it with some comfortable leggings and then top it off with sleek ankle booties or a heel.

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All of the Plaid

Similar to a cardigan, there is no surprise that plaid is the pattern of fall. But this year, the stakes are much higher. Not only is plaid getting it’s time to shine, but it’s taking over. The New York Fashion Week runways displayed tartans, houndstooths and ginghams mixed and matched together within the same outfits. There’s a lot of potential to create a compelling look by mixing the many different types of plaids with Chelsea Boots.

And while mixing and matching patterns might be a little challenging, don’t be afraid to take risks because there really are no rules here. Whatever you feel best in is what looks great on you, and your confidence will reflect that. One way you can make an impact with plaid this season is with an outer coat. If you have a bold plaid coat, you can have on all black underneath and still be making a statement.

Faux Leather Trench Coat

Speaking of outer coats, you’ll also want to keep a faux leather trench coat in your closet. This coat will look extremely chic over any outfit you’re wearing, even an athleisure look. Add light layers underneath your coat to stay cozy and cute. Faux leather trench coats make a statement all on their own!


Women’s fashion has always taken cues from men’s fashion, and this year it’s no different. However, women may be adding a new and unexpected accessory to their wardrobe. Men’s ties are becoming a huge hit for fall. Pair a chic, faux leather tie with a white button up for a sophisticated and edgy look.


You know the saying, “Less is more”? Well, this fall, let’s forget about that. Voluminous skirts and blouses were making waves on the runway. While sporting a tutu around town may not be practical, you can partake in the trend by embracing plus size babydoll dresses. Naturally, these dresses and plus size babydoll tops add natural and flattering volume to any look.

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All Black Everything

When in doubt, an all black look is the key to looking stylish. And this year, an all black look is extremely trendy. To add some contrast to your all black look, add in faux leather leggings or tops to your wardrobe.

If you love to follow the trends every season, this fall is an extremely exciting time for fashion. We hope you dive into these trends and put your own, fabulous spin on them. If you are looking for plus size clothing brands, check out our guide.