Why underwear is the most important part of your outfit

Underwear drawers are often neglected in comparison to our wardrobes. Yes, clothes are seen more frequently by others than what’s underneath, however, there’s a reason why we wear them in addition to our clothes.

Here’s some reasons why you should pay more attention to the sexy lingerie in your drawers and make them a priority in your wardrobe.

One of the first things to understand is why we wear underwear. Yes, we’re all familiar with how it looks and feels, but the main thing we need to understand first is how it actually came to be a part of our everyday attire.

One of the main reasons we wear underwear is of course for hygiene reasons. It allows us to create a barrier between our skin and the clothes we wear. Seamless underwear is breathable and a great option for staying comfortable under any clothing. Further to this, underwear has long been used as a way to change the shape of women’s bodies. From creating hourglass figures with corsets, to push up bras, Spanx and everything in-between, underclothes is what helps create the ‘shape’ we are aspiring for, when it comes to how our clothes look above the surface.

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The foundation of a good outfit

Clothes you may think are the main event when it comes to how you dress, however, clothes only look great if you have something underneath them to support how they look and feel on your body. As mentioned above, underwear creates the silhouette which supports your whole outfit. If the underclothes are right, the rest of your outfit won’t be either. Knowing which outfits require different types of underwear will go a long way when it comes to how you wear the clothes in your wardrobe.

How to prioritise underwear

One of the best ways to start paying more attention to your under garment drawer is to actually look what’s inside it! Do you hang on to bras and pants which are too small, too big, or just too outdated? Spending some time organising your underwear will help you to see what you currently own and pay attention to what you are missing.

There’s definitely some basics all women will want to have in their possession: a t-shirt bra, a trusty collection of shapewear items, a couple of special matching lingerie sets, as well as knickers in varying styles, from thongs to high-waisted briefs.

Owning a variety of underwear options will allow you to feel confident in whatever you choose to wear. Having the basics and knowing how to wear them with your outfits will help elevate the appearance of your outfits and allow you to make more daring fashion choices. Once you realise the options are endless, there will be no stopping you.

Why underwear is important

Underwear is important for hygiene as it absorbs any bodily fluids discharge instead of outerwear to save embarrassment. Going commando to avoid visible panty lines opens up potential mishaps. Your choice of underwear really makes a difference.

Brassieres provides support especially when exercising, and sturdy sports bras provide extra support and comfort.

What is the difference between underwear and lingerie?

Lingerie differs as it includes undergarments but also sleepwear and lightweight robes and usually refers to more alluring apparel styles than your functional sports bra and big girl pants. It would be your fabrics like silk, satin, lace, chiffon and charmeuse than cotton unmentionables.

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A brief history of underwear

Putting aside that the first underwear was arguable loin clothes and later braies, both of which started as outerwear. Here is the brief timeline of the modern undergarment.

The 19th century

In the mid 1800’s women wore rib-crushing corsets and large hoop skirts with a steel cage to keep the shape called crinolines. Thankfully functionality won over time as brassieres were introduced

The 20th Century

The 20’s saw slinky petticoats and Camiknickers introduced (an all in-one camisole and knickers) and the 40’s saw the introduction of more sexy and intimate risqué lingerie with the support of Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page and later Jayne Mansfield. And this developed throughout the swinging 60’s and 70’s until the 80’s brought thongs, G-strings and the bodysuit.

The 90’s saw Madonna’s pointy bras and Calvin Klein reinvented the underwear with the help of Kate Moss, before Eva Herizgova said Hello Boys on every billboard around.