NICCE clothing: the London Streetwear and lifestyle brand

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The NICCE Story

NICCE clothing (pronounced knee-chee to rhyme with peachy), was started in 2013 by Mitchel Galvin-Farnol in a Hackney bedroom, and it’s a delight to see he stills owns the brand in 2021.

The unisex streetwear apparel label launched in SS13 with minimal designs black and white t-shirts with hand-printed screen print branding, and some cropped variations. These were the same tee’s just cut to order, which made it was easy to expand into other styles.

Each item had the NICCE brand name prominent which is a staple on all their garments and predates HERA who arguably got inspiration from the brand. Both tried to fill the space between high-fashion and ready-to-wear trendy street-style clothing.

The brand name was a clever play on nice, and this eventually meant they topped google for the search terms like nice clothing brand.

early NICCE clothing collection
NICCE SS13 collection

But ultimately the early key to success was Mitchel’s music connections, which enabled him to get his trademark out there visible in East London to Ibiza and beyond. With the youth culture craving the streetwear aesthetic paved by Sik Silk and to some extent 304#, it was a niche waiting to be filled.

With their success came rapid development, and the brand moved from being run from a bedroom to an office in Bethnal Green. This enabled them to open a bricks and mortar store and the N Studio, a free music space enabling the brand to stay close to their music roots.

A cynic might point out it enables them to build relationships with potential rappers who might break into the mainstream. But on the face of it it’s a great way to give back to the community who supports them and showcases them as a London lifestyle brand.

N Studio

Is NICCE Clothing a good brand?

Yes, genuine customer reviews praise the great quality of the clothing and say they are legit. The reviews are mostly positive, and customer services seems strong which helps. With all online shopping, you are well covered in that instance and entitled to a full refund for any missing deliveries.

They’ve come a very long way from screen printing in their bedroom and now all clothing is manufactured with high quality materials to the brands bespoke designs.

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Where to buy NICCE

Other than the website, they also have the Bethnal Green store and at the London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park where you would sure to grab some bargains.  You can also buy them at most retailers like ASOS, House of Fraser, Footasylum, JD Sports, USC and DV8 who cover the UK and Ireland.


The clothing brand continues to be unisex with both menswear and a collection for women. The men’s range includes Tracksuits, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Coats, Jackets, T-Shirts, Polos, Denim Jeans, Shorts, Joggers, and accessories like bags, slides, wallets, face masks, caps, hats, water bottle, underwear, scarves and hats. The only edition to the womenswear styles are tops and dresses.

The brand continue with their preference for pastel colours, but the most noticeable change is the reduction in branding to a small chest logo but it’s still unmistakably streetwear fashion.

Nicce nevas collection

Is NICCE London a ‘chavvy’ brand?

Any easily accessible and popular brand with prominent branding will face this as they become mainstream. Clothing is not defined by who wears it, but by the product and design. With on-point designs and a heavy influencer promotion, people will want to buy it.