Guide to the Best Lightweight Waterproof Jackets For Men

Having a waterproof jacket is always useful as you never know when it’s going to rain or snow. Water repellent fabric not only protects you from light showers but also from the wind and keeps you dry, warm and comfortable.

Getting one of the best waterproof jackets can be confusing with the variety of styles and . brands with different materials. So we’ve tested out the best lightweight waterproof jackets for men, focusing on warmth, water resistance, value, fit and number of pockets.

If you’re a little more fashion / designer conscious then a mac jacket is a great choice to keep yourself dry and looking great.

Brands worth checking out when researching are:

What is a Lightweight Waterproof Jacket?

It is lightweight and very thin compared to the normal waterproof jackets that are available in the market. While it may have the facility to zip in a fleece, usually it’s a single layer.

It is a Jacket that you can use in the rainy seasons, utilizing an outer layer of material that is made up of plastic or polyester, which makes it waterproof. If you require a men’s spring jacket for the warmer months, then we have some advice on the type of waterproof that’ll suit the warmer seasons as well.

Which Lightweight Waterproof Do I Need?

For men, it can be better to choose jackets in darker colours, due to them showing fewer marks and general signs of wear and tear from being worn outside. Lightweight jackets are not suitable for winter or cold weather. It can warm you up if the weather outside is above 10 degrees Celsius but for below that temperature range, I would recommend something else like a heavier jacket which has an inner layer made of woollen materials and a quilted design.

Lightweight waterproof jackets come in a variety of designs and styles, such as single or double-layered jackets, waterproof shells with many outer pockets and hidden hoodies, etc. The waterproof body helps to keep you dry by keeping the raindrops away from your body, and at the same time, allows moisture inside due to its breathability.

best Waterproof Jackets For Men
our reporter reluctantly tests in wet conditions

Waterproof Coat Technology:


When you sacrifice breathability for waterproofing then your jacket is a membrane waterproof. These jackets are usually good when it comes to durability but not in terms of breathable because they don’t allow moisture outwards which results in water building up inside if you ride for long hours. Driertech and eVent are some noteworthy brands that produce only membrane lightweight waterproof jackets.


This is known as the best technology when it comes to lightweight waterproof jackets with mesh lining. The inner layer of this jacket has got very small holes that guide air through them, yet at the same time block raindrops from entering inside. This means you’ll be protected against both hot and cold conditions during summer or winter respectively.


A jacket with this technology has got an outer layer made up of rubber or plastic which repels raindrops but doesn’t allow air to pass through it. This means you’ll be protected against the rain but not against cold weather conditions. It’s good for summer months only because the air inside gets hotter due to lack of breathability throughout.

How Should It Fit?

Body Shape:

The look of a jacket depends on its fit, and if it’s too tight then you’ll feel suffocated inside. This is why the manufacturers have come up with various body shapes when designing waterproof jackets, in order for them to be compatible with people who are either petite or excessively overweight. They make both body types look good by making the underarms, hemlines, and puffs in their own way to give them a balanced figure.

Relaxed Fit:

When you’re trying to choose a waterproof jacket for yourself then it’s best to get a relaxed fit version because that way you’ll be able to wear another layer underneath but in more than one size.

Active Fit:

These jackets are known as a skin-tight fit where the insulation is less inside and it’s more flexible to move around. They’re usually designed for athletic persons who need comfort while moving their arms during the winter months.

Technical Fit:

People who are training for marathons prefer this version because the fit is relaxed in order to let you move freely. The armholes come high so they won’t restrict your shoulder movement when running or jumping, and the hemline comes long so it won’t ride up during the winter months.


These jackets are popular among skiers because of their extra length which stays below their waistband while sliding down the slope. The hemline also comes with a rubber band that can be used to seal it at your waist when climbing steep slopes. You might not like these types but if you’re an active outdoorsman then you must get one for yourself!

Testing out the zips for the best lightweight waterproof jackets for men
A solid zip is essential to full water proofing

Top 6 Best Waterproof Jackets for men:

Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket:

This is a lightweight jacket with an eVent membrane, coated nylon outside and a lining made up of breathable mesh. You’ll love its features such as its Velcro adjustable hood, underarm vents for ventilation, multiple pockets on the outside and inside to store gear, drawcord waistband cuffs for snug-fitting around your wrist area. It’s available in different colours so you can choose your favourite one today!

Outdoor Research Foray Rain Jacket:

This is a coat with an exterior made up of 10k/10k waterproof-breathable fabric so it’ll protect you against rain. It has two large zippered hand pockets on the outside along with two interior stash pockets available in different colours to suit your style. You can adjust its hood when it gets windy, roll the hem for better ventilation, and tighten the waistband with a drawcord to keep out cold during winter months.

It’s also lightweight and breathable inside because of its lining made up of mesh which makes it suitable for summer use too. This product comes with unique features like PitZips that help you get rid of excess heat if you start feeling uncomfortable inside.

The North Face Apex Flex:

This is a coat with an exterior made up of waterproof polyester material while the lining consists of 100 percent polyester insulation. It has multiple pockets on the outside to keep your gear safe and secure, underarm vents to let in fresh air during winter, an adjustable hood so you can prevent rain/snow from getting inside, and elastic cuffs at the hemline which prevents it from rising up when moving around. The manufacturer offers different colours for both men and women so you can choose whichever suits your style!

Men’s North Face Summit L3 Jacket:

This jacket comes with an outer lightweight shell that’s made up of 2-layer Gore-Tex fabric providing a water column rating of 20,000 mm along with breathability.

Columbia Watertight Jacket:

This is a jacket with Omni-shield technology that helps it protect against rain, snow, and wind. It has got an adjustable hood so you can prevent water from entering inside your jacket, mesh lining on the inside to make sure the inner membrane will not get wet during heavy rains and it’ll dry up quickly.

Marmot Precip Jacket:

This is a waterproof shell made up of 16-denier ripstop nylon providing protection against rain as well as giving you warmth for those chilly winter months. It has venting zippers under the arms along with pit zips which help you get rid of excess heat if you start feeling too warm indoors.

How To Clean Waterproof Jackets:

Always choose a waterproof jacket which you can easily wash because these days they don’t last as long as they used to. So, make sure you remove the inner membrane before throwing them in your washing machine because it’ll get damaged if tossed inside along with other items.

If you want to keep its quality intact then I’d recommend hand-washing this fabric only. The use of soap or detergent is strictly prohibited for this purpose! If there’s any oil on it then use any shampoo to get rid of that instead of using normal soap, otherwise, it might turn sticky and damage the fabric.

It’s recommended that you air dry this type of fabric after cleaning, but if that isn’t possible then tumble dry them at low heat settings only!


A waterproof jacket is an essential type of clothing even though it seems unnecessary during winter. Once you get used to wearing one then you’ll love its features such as breathable fabric, built-in sleeves and hoods, multiple pockets on the outside and inside, and adjustable draw cord waistband so you can prevent water or cold air from getting inside your jacket.