Foot Massage Helps To Support Health – Truth Or A Marketing Myth?

The scientific thesis that foot massage is a healing method of interaction with our body originates in the ancient history of the Eastern peoples, with reflexology being traced back over 4000 years ago. For example, in the ancient Chinese medical system, it is believed that meridians of the liver, stomach, kidneys, bladder, gallbladder, spleen and pancreas intersect in the right and left foot.

To date, according to the multifaceted research of scientific institutes, foot massage is recognized as one of the most useful types of massages. By conducting such procedures regularly, clients can qualitatively change their body for the better.

Foot massage has many health benefits; it improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often eases pain in your feet as well as elsewhere in your body.

About the procedure

The peculiarity of foot massage is that the effect does not occur on specific muscles, but on the whole body.

The essence of the procedure is interaction with reflex points of the body. Reflex points located on the feet are responsible for the state of the body as a whole. Tactile, you will be able to affect the spine, eyes, ears, teeth and gums, nose.

The procedure is carried out by stroking, kneading and rubbing. Such an effect has a positive effect on the muscles, skin and musculoskeletal system of a person. Massaging the lower extremities normalizes the work of the body, relieves headaches, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system and regulates the hormonal background.

To achieve the goal effectively, it is necessary to choose a suitable specialist. In order to determine the ideal degree of pressure, smoothness, atmosphere and other details, you need to try many variations of massage. You should not miss the chance even when traveling! After all, traveling gives you the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of the familiar. Especially if you travel to eastern countries, because, as we have already found out, the healing foot massage originated in the East. You should definitely try a foot massage Abu Dhabi, UAE, China and Japan. It’s definitely an invaluable experience.

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The main task of the specialist is to work with points

During the massage study, the masters work with the key points that are responsible for the activity of a particular organ. So the effect on the body promotes deep relaxation of the mind and body or makes the necessary organs work. With the help of exposure to key places, you can achieve a state of meditation and even feel a pleasant tingling throughout the body.

Not only the physical condition, but also the state of the nervous system

Foot massage gives a beneficial effect on the nervous system. This type of massage is salubrious for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, it helps in achieving harmony and relieves stress. This is a great solution after a hard day’s work. Internal balance will make a landmark contribution to improve relationships with clients’ surroundings. You will be less frustrated, which will reduce the number of conflicts.

However, it is not necessary to carry out such an intention on your own. It will be possible to work safely and effectively on your goals only under the supervision of a competent specialist. Don’t forget that it is worth talking with a specialist about your characteristics, desires and goals.

Technique of the foot massage procedure

All massage movements should be performed as smoothly as possible, for an easier massage course, specialists practice the use of oils. Each movement is repeated 5-6 times, and the total time of the procedure is limited to 10-15 minutes. General and point-type massage is performed using the stroking technique. The specialist smoothly moves with massage movements from the fingers to the heel area of the foot. After that, linear strokes are performed in the direction from the heel to the foot.