How to achieve Kim Cattrall’s soft and bold look?

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Last Updated on 1st September 2023

And just like that – “soft and chic” glam is back in the house, as is Samantha Jones! She made her return official with the Vogue Greece cover – ‘Bold Woman’, and in the last episode of the series, she appears in her signature style and looking stunning for 67.

Well, it seems you can embrace both – bold and soft. That’s the point, isn’t it? Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field brought us back to the bold closet of her beloved character. So let’s create some outfits!

kim attrall on the cover of vogue jpg
Kim Attrall on the cover of vogue magazine

Sparkly and with lots of skin on show

You might have thought – glitter is just for fun. Considering Samantha is a walking party, that makes sense. But who says you can’t have fun every day?

It doesn’t have to involve an all-night party, lots of champagne and people. Have a private party in your closet and take only a part with you. For example, opt for a quality pair of sparkly boots with a basic outfit.

It’s the best start for anyone new to experimenting with glitter. Fashion accessories and small details like brooches or scarves are a great choice. However, if you want to look bold like this actress – go ahead, wear a glitter dress that makes you perfectly hot!

Business casual

Now let’s get serious…or not. The costume designers of the series just wanted to make viewers think – Samantha as a businesswoman or a star of nightlife. Well, she’s like a superhero who can do both.

That doesn’t mean you can’t, watch this. To begin with, try to avoid overly loose pieces (for example, faded jeans) and sportswear. Instead, opt for a stylish wide-leg, trench coat, plain white t-shirt and vest. Lock down the outfit with powered heels and a matching handbag.

Speaking of her superpowers, we have to single out one more. If the cult series was filmed in 2023, Samantha would surely adore the Barbenheimer aesthetic! In that case, don’t completely eliminate sneakers from your business casual outfits. Look for sneakers made of more refined materials (like artificial leather), which are quite relaxed footwear, but at the same time – a little more refined. Try a bright suit colon like pink, you’ll look relaxed and professional.


We’re sure you’ll agree with me when I say that nineties styles are back in a big way. This trend could also be seen on celebrities such as Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, but also Olivia Rodrigo and Sky Ferreira, where traces of the 2010s can be seen without fail.

Let’s be real though, this isn’t something that everyone would wear, and that everyone would be comfortable wearing. Not to mention the business dress code, but for all other occasions – why not! You can opt for a head-to-toe print or one bold piece, it’s up to you.

Statement jewellery

If you follow the street fashion of the world’s capitals, especially the fashion ones, you have probably noticed that large and impressive necklaces are coming back. For such jewellery to look good, you must wear it with blouses, t-shirts and dresses with a suitable neckline. Until now we liked to wear long, thin chains containing romanticism and femininity.

Unlike a few years ago, when we wore models like this and in various colours, silver pieces or necklaces with some shiny detail now dominate. It can even have a rock note, for example, if you combine a silver necklace with a white T-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket. The Mexican silver pieces are particularly striking.

But you can wear them a little differently – on your back. Yes, you read that right. This way, you will get an even more striking look, with a touch of sexiness and elegance. This selection of jewellery is ideal for celebrations where you really want to make an impression. Kim Cattrall likes this!

An LBD with a dominatrix twist

If you’re unsure what we’re talking about, let’s take Hailey Bieber, for example. She loves to wear simple pieces of clothing like slip dresses and blazers, with bold accessories. Recently, long gloves, impressive and oversized jewellery, as well as “ugly” shoes have been popular.

So, you have many options, you just need to find the one that goes best with your outfit. Still, have no idea what to wear? Picture this: a perfect Saint Laurent minidress in a glossy, patent leather finish. It’s definitely edgier than your average LBD – but a little risk is always fun!

Sexy red dress

Ah, that eye-catching red dress with a metallic silver trench coat and a lime green clutch! Anyone who watched the last episode of And Just Like That knows what I’m talking about. For everyone else – Kim Cattrall wore it.

If you want something bolder, for a romantic date or going out with friends, consider something like SKIMS slip dresses. Actually, it’s something Samantha would wear often. This piece of clothing opens up brilliant possibilities for various innovative fashion combinations. You can wear it with a T-shirt underneath, a sweater over it, a biker leather jacket and boots, a blazer or jeans!

Tailoring in a look

Fans of the series will surely remember the monochromatic, vintage-inspired and perfectly fitted outfits worn by Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones. What is a custom style? Well, we just described it. This applies to clothing, it is more structured and precisely fitted.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different patterns, textures, and colours. Pay attention to the size, your build, and the materials. It is recommended to wear garments made from the same material if you want to achieve that look.


How to look ultra-trendy without a lot of money and effort? If you ask Kim Cattrall and this year, there is only one answer to this question! Well, if you thought knitwear was only reserved for cold days – you’re wrong.

When parting from sunny and warm days, there is no better comfort for the transition season than this outfit. Dresses, cardigans, tops, skirts… there is nothing that is not made from this material.

Special focus will be on models that fall close to the body, neither oversized nor too narrow, so they subtly highlight the figure and create an hourglass shape.


Achieving Kim Cattrall’s soft and bold look also requires work on yourself. In addition to fashion choices, makeup, and hairstyling, you should step boldly through life. If you add to that soft features, unique accessories, and chic outfits – you’ve made it.