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Who is Gianni Salvatore?

Year Started: 2014

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While the Brand is relatively new in the urban wear scene, Gianni Salvatore is not. He started designing clothes in the 1990s while still at school. Like many young people, he felt a desire to express his own unique identity by creating and designing fashion. From a young age, he had a desire to stand out and look good. Heavily influenced by his father’s style, he couldn’t wait to grow up and wear leather jackets.

He first started designing clothes using his father’s old, tired jackets tailoring them as they were too big. However, once his mother took him to get a made-to-measure leather jacket, he began to understand the power of a tailored garment and how it enhances style.

Gianni’s ambition has always been a line of tailor-made clothes for the public, aware that body shapes differ and that high-end brands tailored for slim people rather than athletic or normal builds. He wanted to install body-confidence that well-fitted clothes can bring for all. This mantra and ethos Gianni Salvatore brings to his unique clothing line, and every fashion shoot his influence and passion is evident.


Gianni Salvatore

“Achieving a perfect fit for my client and giving them confidence and the look they desire is what I am all about.”

The idea for Gianni Salvatore dates back to 2014 when he launched a tailor-fit leather unisex apparel brand. This limited-edition launch was intended to gather the UK fashion market reaction to a fully “tailored fit” clothing brand.

Thanks to working with Peter Andre, demand was high, so Gianni has taken it to new levels with fitted tracksuits and t-shirts that embody High-End Luxury Urban Apparel. G.S Jackets are launching in AW19. With eye-catching designs and a plethora of models on his social and website, it is a brand on the rise. Rumours of a collaboration with boxer Tyson Fury persist, so we expect to see something happen there.

The enigmatic designer’s passion will never die, so we expect to see Gianni Salvatore on the fashion scene for many years to come. Hopefully, the G Salvatore clothing brand stays the course with him.

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