How to achieve a Boho Chic Style this Summer

Warm weather, sunny days, and flowers bursting into bloom: it’s no trick, the sunshine has arrived. This means that it’s finally time for us to celebrate the season in our best summer style.

The classic boho look is one of the best fashions for the summer. Flowing clothing keeps you cool and comfortable and you can have fun mixing and matching bold patterns and eye-catching accessories. Discover the essential ingredients that will ensure you achieve the exquisite boho chic style this summer.

colourful maxi dresses
Maxi dresses are floaty fabrics with a bohemian vibe

Stick to long & loose clothes

If you want to feel free-spirited and effortlessly cool this summer, embrace comfortable clothing choices. The boho chic look and trends are characterised by long, loose garments. Yes, it is possible to pull off with jeans and a t-shirt or blouse by styling with the right accessories, like a big floppy hat and long dangly beads and earrings, but the true perfect bohemian hippie movement style is a maxi dress and gladiator sandals.

Think loose-fitting shapes, flowy fabrics, and fringing. Maxi dresses are a staple of the boho outfit and are perfect for summer. They’re comfortable and easy to wear, while also being stylish and feminine. Pair them with a studded belt to add some edge to your look. Embrace bohemian clothing that is relaxed and effortless, such as peasant blouses, flowing skirts, and oversized cardigans.

This makes it a great style for summer months when the temperatures are soaring and there is a danger of damage from the sun’s harsh UVA rays.

A staple of any bohemian wardrobe is several statement linen dresses with bell sleeves: these are a stylish way to keep cool and covered up when exploring outside. Palazzo pants work well too, or maxi skirts down to the ankle.

Incorporate prints and patterns

Prints and patterns are also the essence of any bohemian outfit. Florals is a popular option, but you could also opt for geometric shapes – especially if they are modelled on a tribal pattern. Anything connected with the natural world will work for this alternative style that has for two centuries allowed us to celebrate the artistic side of our personality.

Another way to incorporate pattern is to embrace crochet cover-ups – these have the added benefit of emoting ‘flower power’ hippy chic, the iconic 60s version of bohemian fashion.

Lace is key to boho chic style
Airy lace is key to bohemian chic style

Embrace natural colours and materials

Boho style is all about embracing your free spirit and expressing that through your clothing choices. A classic boho outfit is composed of an eclectic mix of borrowed, vintage, and collected-over-time pieces that evoke an earthy vibe and natural fabrics.

You’ll feel like a free-spirited goddess when you drape yourself in flowy fabrics and embrace earthy tones this season. The boho chic style is all about channelling a vibe that’s rooted in bohemian culture.

For a true representation of bohemian style, stick to natural shades. Earthy colours in rich tones are perfect, such as terracotta, warm brown and golden yellow. You can also explore soft greens and blues if this is more your colour palette.

Prefer to make a bolder statement with your colours? There are plenty of bohemian clothes available in non-traditional shades such as hot pink, deep purple, and neon. Layering is also a great way to add dimension and texture to your outfit. Mix and match different fabrics and prints to create a unique and eclectic look that’s all your own.

Focus on your accessories

Don’t forget to add a touch of whimsy to your outfits by accessorizing with unique and playful pieces that express your personality and that boho vibe.

When it comes to accessories for bohemian-inspired outfits, the rule is the bigger the better! Nail the bohemian look with chunky necklaces and long pendants, colourful dangly earrings, and oversized rings are ideal pieces of jewellery. Try to focus on natural materials such as wooden beads, crystals, and woven fabric.

You should also think natural for your summer bag trend: for example, a large canvas tote would work perfectly. Finally, cover your eyes in a pair of enormous sunglasses with a retro feel to complete the look.

Congratulations! You now have all the tools you need to achieve a boho chic style this summer.