Summer Suit Ideas For Men

Last Updated on 3rd September 2023

It is that time of year again and the sun has popped its head out and the diary is being filled with events from attending weddings, christenings, birthday parties, barbecues and festivals. One problem with an English summer is what to wear especially to an outdoor event as we cannot rely on the glorious sunshine and temperatures that our European neighbours can.

From statement designer clothes to cool, casual dress down styles the choices for a men’s summer outfit are hard, so why not go old school and invest into a stylish summer suit?

Whilst a suit may not be the first choice for many when the weather gets warmer, a summer suit is going to be a true fashion statement at any event you attend as it is the epitome of top notch tailoring, sartorial elegance, and cool styling that is this year’s most up to date trend for all men.

Wool Or Linen, Light Or Dark

The beauty of this year’s summer suits is that there are no rules. We normally associate the warm weather at this time of year with lighter shades and softer materials but there is nothing stopping you from a dark merino wool suit as long as you pair it with the right accessories. Think bright shirts, white trainers, and a wide brimmed hat to add a summer vibe to the overall look.

For the adventurous there is a classic summer look with a seersucker suit but they may be destined for a pair of pleated shorts. Alternatively the pastel shades are a staple colour choice that truly makes sense especially in lightweight cotton fabric and breathable fabrics for ventilation to help you stay cool. But for this year’s summer months we are looking at the less obvious.

Don’t worry we will not overlook the classic beige or tan linen suit in this rundown but coupling it with a less obvious set of accessories is going to make you stand out in that crowd for sure.

For most the single breasted jacket is in favour over the double breasted jacket for most men as high summer demands the ability to have the top half open. Remaining on the cooler side is not just about how you look but also to maintain your temperature throughout the hot weather.

Styles You Might Like

The Classic Summer Suit

Linen Suits 1

Whether its beige, tan or a stone coloured suit this is one of the all time best summer suits. The classic look is a slim fit suit with a light shirt opened but not too much. Couple this with shoes or sneakers and you have a comfortable yet elegant look.

Blue Hues

Blue Suit 1

Vibrant colours like blue can yell summertime and none more so than this one. A wide open shirt will add versatility and with some creative touches you could wear this more than once without it ever looking the same outfit.

Pure White

White Suit 1

Going for a completely white suit is an experiment not many men would risk but if you are careful with what you pair it with you will make an adventurous statement wherever you go.

Dark And Checks

Check Suit 1

A dark suit may not be the obvious choice in warm weather but with the right accessories it can be a hit. Not only can it be worn in summer but for any other season too. A navy suit that’s single breasted is a little less formal than you think. Try adding bright shirts or a t-shirt will tone down the look for every summer party you go to.

Pretty In Pink

A Pink Suit

Summer is the perfect time to be bold in your colour choice. With pale pink and dark pinks you are setting out to impress. The beauty of bright choices is that anything paired together will end up suiting the outfit.

Light Grey

Light Grey suit

Nothing is more summer than a grey suit and pink shirt combination. The beauty of the grey suit is in the colder months you add a dark shirt to completely change your style. This colour does suit linen as well as wool so you can choose the fabric depending on what works for you.


A dark suit with hat and leopard print shoes

Never under estimate the power of accessories in a suit. Wide brimmed hats and flamboyant shoes can alter even the darkest of suits and turn it into one of the best summer suits. Introducing accessories adds a sense of informality to the finish.

The T-Shirt Goes With Any Suit

Tan suit and t shirt look

Coupling any suit with a t shirt will immediately change the vibe. This linen blend suit is the perfect example of relaxed fit and coolness that gives us this classic look. The t shirt can go with almost everything from pale pink to pale pink and from cooler shades to a navy suit.

In Conclusion

Throw out the old rulebook for the perfect summer suit and commit to something new and adventurous. The warm weather dress code is yours for the taking so if its relaxed fit, slim fit or tailored elegance you are chasing then take this opportunity and just go for it.