How to Be More Eco-Conscious When Buying Underwear

Every little action we take to try to help the planet has an impact, and our underwear is certainly no exception. There is always a way to be more eco-conscious when you’re shopping, especially when fast fashion is so rife in this day and age. Here we are going to explore some of the ways you can be more eco-conscious when buying underwear.

Quality Over Quantity

Instead of buying loads of different underwear sets that are poor quality and not made to last, less is definitely more. If you choose to go for quality pieces, such as underwear by SKIMS, then they should be with you for years to come.

Alternatively, buying underwear that is cheap and needs to be replaced often means that you’ll end up buying more in the long run. This is not good for the environment – say no to fast fashion and choose to get well-made underwear with longevity in mind.

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Eco-friendly Materials and Brands

When it comes to the styles you buy and the shops you visit, you need to make informed decisions. Find out which brands are eco-conscious and explore their ranges. In terms of material, as an example, you should go for certified organic cotton over conventional cotton as it is made with much less water, and is, therefore, better for the environment.

If you can also find underwear that is made locally or in your own country, then this is also preferable as it should mean fewer air miles were racked up whilst they were being made. You can keep an eye out for brands that have eco-friendly processes, recyclable shipping materials, collaborate with eco-charities, and aim to reduce waste. 

Eco Conscious underwear


If you do get bored of your underwear, or it breaks, then in the worst case you will want to get rid of the pieces. When it comes to this, you can still be eco-conscious. Don’t immediately throw away your items.

First, see if they can be fixed when broken. If not, recycle your underwear – whilst this may sound odd, the materials from your old underwear can be repurposed, instead of going to waste. Or alternatively, you could see if your friends want to swap any pairs with you (after giving everything a wash, of course!).

As well as this, you can often find second-hand underwear that is unworn with shopping tags still intact, it’s simply been bought and then given away. Keep an eye out for items like this in thrift shops – you should be getting a new pair for a better price with the environment in mind! 

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Period Panties

A relatively new phenomenon, period knickers are a new, more eco-friendly way to tackle your time of the month. They work by soaking up your menstrual blood as they are made out of a super absorbent material.

These underwear bottoms are much better for the planet than pads and tampons, as you simply put them in the wash at the end of the day. You can then reuse these each month when you start to bleed, however, you may be best off with a few pairs to take you through your whole period.

They are leakproof and are impressively comfortable. Definitely worth a try if you’re wanting a change to other period options.