What will be the UK Fashion Trends for Spring 2022?

What a better idea to warm us up, then to look at the Spring fashion trends, while in the cruelest month of the year: February. Chances are, once you finish reading this article, you’ll be ready to leave the heavy winter coat behind and head out to grab a drink on a terrace. But not yet, dear readers. In the meantime, here is what you need to know about the fashion coming up soon.

Say Hello to Liquid Metal

Clothes as well as the custom hang tags found on them, will be swimming in a sea of liquid metal, within a few months. Liquid metal sheens sparkle as much as their sequins metallic spangle brothers, but are much more eco-friendly than them. That is one good reason to jump on board of that train!

Furthermore, you will look glorious in these gold and silver, making you look like a million dollars. These looks are brought to life through designers such as Fendi, Tom Ford and Versace. In other words: A sure thing to wear this Spring.

Show a Little More Skin thanks to Sheer Fabrics

Now, that is something we have all been waiting for. After all this social distancing, something that calls for a little more “get closer.” Although sheer fabrics are not for everyone, if worn to be seen through, they can be added on top of other pieces of clothing, such as beautiful lingerie, in order to create an effect, yet without showing too much.

They will also be popular for boys, in case you were wondering. A few of the designers using them for their lines are: Yuhan Wang, Harris Reed and Simone Rocha.

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Are you in for an Ultra-mini?

Maybe sheer fabric isn’t sufficient for you, and you need to scream out how much you love your legs. In that case, Spring fashion will enable you to do just so, thanks to ultra-mini skirts. They will be reminiscent of the 90’s (for those who can remember them), and will show at least half of the thigh.

Shades and prints will be the thing and you can express yourself through at least one of them, since they will be legion. The ultra-minis are being brought back to life by some of the biggest names of the fashion industry, including Prada, Dior, Versace, Moschino and Max Mara. Is that cool enough for you?

Go out in Your White Suit

That just might be the biggest sign that lockdowns are soon to be a thing from the past. Throughout this whole pandemic, designers stayed as far away from suits as they could, putting forth clothes that were comfortable instead of hyper-chic looking. But no more (or so they say)! And to make sure that these suits are being seen, there is no better colour than pristine white.

If you have missed the San Remo music festival, a few weeks back, then you cannot imagine how much white there will be in the next few months, in the streets of UK. But we confirm: Get ready for your eyes to be filled by spotless infinite white. Micheal Kors is one of the designers that will feature such suits, just as Teatum Jones and Peter Do.