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Streetwear Fashion is evolving. Big logo brands are losing demand and appeal from the masses, and culturally we are growing up. Plain and minimal statement pieces are taking centre stage, and the desire for sustainable clothing means a timeless style is required. There is no room for big and bold prints, unisex blank contemporary fashion is on the ascent led by the About Blank clothing brand.

And About:Blank do more than fill the void, the apparel label takes the idea of being bare, empty, or plain and makes it into something beautiful. Applying Pastel tones to oversized styles is not new, but they make it look effortless in their design and also at a price point that makes it accessible to define contemporary fashion.

This is not your skinny jeans and muscle fit tees style streetwear, this is wide legged trousers for men and sleeves to the elbows. Oversized loungewear to ensure you look the part for any unexpected guests or zoom meetings. This is Reiss quality and at a better price-point, unisex designs with mass appeal and built to last.

about blank clothing
About:Blank take on contemporary fashion

Within Collection:One from A:B is the mock neck t-shirt, the worker shirt, box shorts, the utility overshirt, the wide leg trouser and hoodies. Coming in colours like Oat, Lavender, Concrete, White and Black. Made from brushed stretch cotton-blend twill, it’s a thick jersey fabric aimed to be worn alone or within a set.

Who are About:Blank?

About blank clothing was started by Perry Davies and Fashion blogger and influencer Jack Henderson. It’s a good mix destined for success, as Perry has a huge pedigree as a sales agent for UK68 (Sik Silk, 11 Degrees, Hermano, Twinzz, etc) and others, meaning he’s worked with Kappa, Sixth June, Fresh Ego Kid, Serge DeNimes, Money Clothing, and Weekend Offender to name but a few.

Jack runs Newcastle based NCL Gallery, and to say he has his finger on the pulse of fashion is an understatement. The winning formula for new fashion brands is a combination of industry connections and understanding, with genuine on-trend designs. These boys have both in spades, so we predict big things.

Is A:B clothing good quality?

Yes, the samples we have seen are excellent and we love the thickness of the brushed cotton blend. This is not blank stock garments as the name may suggest, it’s bespoke made from high-quality materials with the aim of sustainable clothing with timeless designs. This is not fast fashion, this is aimed to be a capsule piece for all occasions.

Will About Blank Clothing be a success?

The brand already has international success as well as in the UK, so the future is not just bright but Neon. This is great news for consumers as they no doubt will reinvest with more designs and collections. We can’t wait to see what they bring out next as they grow in popularity and demand.

The early about:blank reviews are very promising too, with very high praise on the product quality. This is the number one aspect of what makes a good brand, with apparel that will last with timeless designs.

What is blank clothing?

In the fashion world, Blanks often refers to stock garments that clothing brands may use to print their designs on and add their own labelling and branding. In essence, Blank clothing is exactly that. Blank and plain, with no logo, labelling, designs or trims. Often in neutral colours to appeal to the widest audience possible.

Obviously, aboutblank is bespoke made not using blanks, the name reference is only to the minimal style and design in line with contemporary fashion trends. All products can exclusively be found on their website about—blank.com.

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