How You Can Start a Business to Upcycle Clothes

If you are eco-conscious and want to start a fashion business, recycling, like upcycle clothes, can be a great idea. Nowadays, due to increasing consumerism, the amount of clothes going to landfills is on the rise. Since most of the material is still in a good, wearable condition, you can easily make a profit by giving them a new look to match the current fashion trends.

However, like any other business, upcycling comes with its fair share of challenges. Below are some steps for starting a successful upcycling business either as the main business or a side gig.

Choose your Locations

The first step for starting a clothes’ upcycling business is to find the best location for your recycled clothes store and lease space. The perfect location is a highly populated art or fashion neighbourhood where people appreciate environmental-friendly ideas and there is a high demand for upcycling clothes.

Also, ensure that the space is enough to accommodate the intake, sorting and display.

a woman runs a business selling upcycle clothes

Create a Workshop

Every upcycling business requires a workshop. This is where you do all the refurbishment and clean the clothes. An industrial washing machines supplier Shorrock Trichem can supply you with some of the best industrial washing machines in the market.

Register Your Business

Once you have arranged your space, or when still in the process, you should register your business per the local laws and regulations. Most cities will require you to have a license to set up such a business.

You must also set up sales tax collection and issue all the documents that need to be filed before the business becomes fully operational.

Hire Your Staff

You will definitely need some workers due to the processes involved, from receiving the clothes to finally selling them. The number of staff members you hire should be guided by the size of your shop and your anticipated footfall.

Ensure that the people you hire for the job are well-qualified for the various positions, and you can trust them to do a good job even in your absence.

Advertise for Clothing Donations

Since you will need used clothes to refurbish and sell at your shop, you should look for ways to obtain at the lowest cost or no cost. Most people will be happy to donate the clothes they no longer use since they only add clutter to their homes.

On the other hand, if you are interested in vintage designer clothes, you should be ready to pay for them. You can use social media or local newspapers to ask for clothes donations from the local community.

Prepare the Clothes for Resale

Some clothes can be resold after cleaning, but others may need repairs before displaying them for sale. You can also dye the faded clothes or piece together the stained and unrepairable pieces to create some new designs.

Market and Advertise Your Business

Clothing stores should always aim for high footfall to increase sales. The best way to attract potential buyers into your shop is mass advertising. You can use local newspapers, social media, billboards, posters and fliers.