Great Merchandising Ideas To Start Monetising Your Podcast

Hosting your own podcast is a dream for many people and knowing that you’ve developed a great foundation of listeners can be a really great feeling. No matter what the topic of your podcast is, or how dedicated you are to hosting your show, it can be very time-consuming, especially as you try to maintain listening figures by keeping the show interesting and engaging.

Most podcasters have a life outside of this hobby, and so finding a way for it to be even more rewarding for themselves is key. Offering merchandise for your listeners is a great way to do this and we’ve put together some merch ideas for you to add a small monetising element to your podcast.

Stickers And Pins

These options are relatively cheap and can be in the form of standard stickers that your audience can add to phone cases, laptops, and notebooks, or they could be window and bumpers stickers for cars. Not only can you use stickers as merchandise, but you can make great use of them in many other ways to promote your business.

Some people really enjoy collecting pins and badges too which can be added to clothing or bags. Whether you choose badges or stickers, these can be sold individually or be used as rewards for VIP subscribers and competition winners, as they are incredibly affordable, and your listeners will appreciate them a lot.

Merchandising t shirts

T-Shirts And Other Clothing

One of the classic choices for merchandise is the humble t-shirt. Adding your design to apparel is both a fantastic way of rewarding your listeners and promoting your podcast too. Finding yourself a wholesale business that will also print your designs on the clothing you purchase is a much better idea than attempting this yourself.

Companies like Screen Textiles are great for this as they also have a dedicated design team who will go over your design with you to make sure you’re happy with the final proof. And they don’t only supply t-shirts either. You can choose everything from hoodies and sweatshirts to towels and tank tops too.


While there are lots of different types of aesthetic merchandise available for you to offer your fans, sometimes people prefer to purchase ones that are more useful. A great choice would be to add some form of bag to your store. This could be a simple and affordable tote bag, or a more expensive, quality rucksack.

Tote bags are especially good as they provide a large canvas space for you to print your branding on, whereas a rucksack may be more useful, but you may have to settle for a smaller logo that is embroidered onto the material. Although you could also add your logo to the zippers but remember that this could add to the price significantly.

Merchandising bottle


Carrying on with the theme of usefulness, we have drinking vessels. There are lots to choose from here and there’s not much stopping you from choosing every option for your audience. But it’s worth noting that you should test the waters with only a few items of merch first before diving in and ordering lots of stock you can’t sell.

Promotional, reusable coffee cups are a top choice here, but you can also choose between mugs and thermal flasks or glasses for a great addition to your range. Consider adding alternatives once you’ve shown that people are interested in this type of merchandise.