Is Buying Real Estate In Costa Blanca Really Worth Considering In 2023?

Many foreigners are dreaming of changing their place of residence to a warmer and more comfortable area and their choice in Spain. Most of them choose to search properties or a holiday home and flats to buy in Costa Blanca not only as a suitable place or dream property type for living but also as a reasonable investment.

Undoubtedly, a property search for an apartment, a villa or luxury homes is a great decision, but it is essential to know that immigration to Spain has both fantastic pluses and limited minuses. So, what makes foreign buyers fall in love with real estate in Costa Blanca (white coast) and what drawbacks are possible? Let’s find out in this article. 

The beautiful region of Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca real estate agents can show you what a beautiful region it is

What Makes Costa Blanca Special?

Costa Blanca is the most famous Spanish resort that is associated only with entertainment and recreation. The following beneficial features characterize the resort destination. 

  • Favourable Climate

Costa Blanca has the mildest and most liveable climate. When it is still winter in Central Europe, tangerine and orange trees are already beginning to bloom here. Summer temperatures are mostly 25°С to 35°С during the day, and the nights are very warm. Compared to Northern Europe, there is no winter here, only a few months of autumn.

  • Sparkling Sandy Beaches

The beautiful beaches of the Costa Blanca are considered the best on the Spanish coast. Many of them are awarded the prestigious Blue Flag for their liveability and cleanliness. In 2019, 71 beaches of the tourist region received the award. The sunny coast of Alicante is open to guests to enjoy all year round. Local, perfectwe ensure sandy beaches have all the necessary infrastructure, for which vacationers appreciate them.

  • Impressive Community Of Expats

Every summer, the fantastic white beaches, golf courses, mountains, nightlife, and wonderful cuisine of Costa Blanca welcome millions of tourists and expats. For a significant number of foreign investors worldwide is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, build communication links, and even establish business relationships. 

  • Affordable Housing

Real estate in Costa Blanca is one of the most inexpensive on the Spanish coast. According to Spain-Real.Estate, it is possible to find a comfortable apartment at about €2,200 per square meter in the major cities and €1,700 per square meter in remote areas.

Torrevieja and Alicante are the most popular cities on the Costa Blanca with affordable real estate. Their popularity is due to the fact that here you can buy affordable housing near the sea: whichever area you choose, we ensure sea will always be close.

  • High Return On Investment

Popular destinations of Costa Blanca provide approximately 5-7% ROI. High demand among tenants and expats coming to the country increases the value of new properties. Besides, property in the Mediterranean coastline constantly grows in price. 

What Are The Negatives With Costa Blanca?

As with any resort destination, Costa Blanca is always crowded with vacationers. If you prefer to conduct a more peaceful family life, buying property in more remote areas is advisable. In terms of owning an apartment for leasing, this minus is easily transformed into a plus. 

The absence of central heating is one more important option worth considering. Most old buildings do not have central heating. There are cases when it is much warmer outside than inside the home. To avoid such an unpleasant issue and not to overpay for electricity, choose modern real estate built according to the updated standards. 

Costa Blanca is a suitable location for those looking for profitable investment projects or conducting modern lifestyles. Due to the highest number of foreign visitors on the Spanish coast, the genuine traditional way of life is almost absent here. If you want local knowledge to experience authentic local life, consider less tourist Spanish locations. 

A dream home in Villa Joyosa
Our real estate agency can find the dream home for you like here in Villa Joyosa

The Outcomes

Every year, rental housing in Costa Blanca is becoming more and more in demand. Buying a home from real estate agents on the coast and renting it out is becoming more profitable. The average yield of 7% is a significant income for foreign buyers. Industry experts remind us that buying and renting a home gives a higher yield than government bonds or bank deposits.

Nevertheless, anyone who wants professional advice to invest in this area must consider the amount and price at which the property will be rented, fees and taxes, maintenance costs and losses for the period of downtime.

To learn more about the profitable real estate in Costa Blanca, go to the website Spain-Real.Estate. The major aggregator and real estate agency of Spanish property is an irreplaceable helper in selecting the dream home or apartment of your dreams.