Autumn Fashion Tips

Christmas comes but once a year as the saying goes but so does each season, and we want to look and feel our best throughout every single one. It’s easy to achieve this with nice weather and a slimmed down wardrobe but it can be harder to do when fashion becomes more weather dependent, and functionality is important (but not at the expense of style). Knowing the Autumn Trends will keep you standing out from the crowd.

Are you ready for your close up?

Our makeup palette tends to change at this time too. Tinted moisturiser and barely-there products start to be replaced with a heavier base with richer tones (as well as endless supplies of lip salve) to not only to protect our skin but reflect the autumnal colours too. Bulging shopping bags however naturally take a toll on our beauty and fashion budget and unless you are lucky enough for Santa to bring you a whole new wardrobe and make up counter – what’s a girl to do?!

New clothes and make up

Sometimes an Autumn makeover is exactly what you need. One solution is to sign up for beauty product testing, where you earn points for reviews and friend referrals which means you can have a well-stocked make up bag AND guilt free shopping trips to indulge in the latest Autumn fashions. This could be a win-win situation at every time of year, no matter what the season. However, as we root through our wardrobes we can’t help but wonder how to structure our outfits which includes considering what new pieces we need to buy – after all – we are now having to dress ourselves from head to toe and also include 4 layers at minimum. This means we can all benefit from the following autumn fashion tips to keep us looking and feeling our best throughout the colder months.

Follower of fashion (or not)

Skinny jeans have remained on point for a long time, but other fits are making a comeback. When it comes to jeans it’s all about choosing what suits your vibe because there is nothing worse than looking and feeling uncomfortable even if it is in the name of fashion! Tapered, straight and the flared leg are strong Autumn contenders but you can always hang onto your existing skinny pairs and invest in another must-have item for Autumn – a cashmere jumper instead. And, this doesn’t have to break the bank either as there are plenty of budget buys available on the high street!

autumn fashion tips

Jewellery – more is more

Jewellery comes into its own in the autumn months with chunky statement pieces really having the ability to make an outfit pop. Stacking rings have been a thing for a while now and this trend looks set to continue as well as bracelets set with rich vibrant gems.

The cardigan returns

You just can’t beat a cardi for a top fashion tip. Whether it’s a prim, short sleeved style paired with flared jeans or long and chunky worn with ribbed tights to extend the life of your favourite summer dress; there is a cardigan to suit every outfit.

Leopard print

Long gone are the days of wearing it head to toe but this classic leopard print usually makes a return every year due to its natural earthy tones. Not only can it be dressed up or down; you can wear as much or little as you like – even if it’s just a cosy but cool looking hat.


One of the easiest and simplest ways to transition your outfits through the seasons; a scarf literally ties your outfit together! Apparently, there are now 16 ways to wear one, so you’re sure to be able to find a style that suits every outfit in your closet. Better still, there are always a range of colours to choose from and they’re usually pretty affordable, making for an easy and cheap way to add a splash of colour to your look.