5 Tips On How To Pack A Suitcase In A More Efficient Way

Last Updated on 6th April 2024

When packing for any trip every traveller thinks about how to pack compactly in a suitcase so that everything fits and there is still room for souvenirs. Since it’s summertime, that means everyone is going on holiday, so we think it’s especially relevant to share with you five tips on packing your luggage for any trip.

  1. Choose the right size for your luggage

The first and most important thing is to choose the right size of luggage. To begin with, determine the format and direction of your trip, as well as the duration. It is also important what sort of transport you plan to use. In case you are to travel by train then you need to consider the weight and size of baggage.

Well, if you are going to take a long flight by aeroplane here the situation is a little bit more complicated. When travelling by plane you should separate stuff into hand luggage and baggage in advance. In carry on luggage, it’s preferable to put the most vital things such as money, documents, and chargers from your devices. Your toiletry bag and bulky items should go in your main checked luggage.

Definitely, the most comfortable option is travelling by car so you can take as many things as you want. In order to avoid difficulties in the trip, you can use the car rental services instead. Car company Evolve provides a huge selection of vehicles, of any price and model, therefore, everyone can find and hire a car according to their preferences, it is not necessary to rent a car for the entire period of the holiday, you can hire a car for a weekday or even hour. You don’t need to worry about a thing, car service specialists will take care of your comfort and safety. 

How To Pack A Suitcase efficiently

  1. Install app planers on your phone

Before you put everything in your suitcase, make a list of what you need, or better yet, lay everything out on the couch or bed and write down a check-list. This will help you see the items you don’t need or something that you may be missing on your trip. Now you do not need to write a long packing list of all your things in a notebook or scrap of paper, there are handy app planners for this so you don’t forget anything. Installing one of these apps on your phone you can quickly write down all your stuff, as well as check their presence on the way home.

  1. Proper packing is the key to a successful trip

Pack items that are heavy and bulky such as shoes on the bottom of the suitcase or on the back of the backpack. In order not to lose an inch of space, put rolled-up socks or underwear inside your shoes or sneakers, and hide fragile items there, as well. I swear by rolled clothing as my packing technique of choice.

  1. Use vacuum bags and organizers

Many people use vacuum bags at home to save space in the closet. When packing for a trip, vacuum bags help not only to maximize space in the luggage, but also to keep things neat and tidy. Small items such as underwear, swimwear, and socks can be packed in organizers of different sizes. When planning an active vacation, consider travel compression bags that are tightened with slings. You can pack not only your sleeping bag in them, but clothes as well.

A newer phenomenon is packing cubes, which can nicely separate as you pack clothes and stop wrinkles on your t-shirts.

  1. Use containers for beauty products

Unfortunately, holidays don’t always last as long as we’d like, so there’s no reason to bring full-size bottles of your favourite beauty products on a trip. A standard tube of cream or bottle of shampoo not only takes a lot of space, but also serves as a heavy weight for your suitcase. Most travel tips recommend travel-size bottles, but these are far more expensive. Simply pouring your products into bottles of smaller sizes, up to 100 ml, is far cheaper. Packaging your cosmetics in this way you can stick to the regulations for hand luggage for airport security. To avoid any spillage accidents, you should always put these inside a plastic bag.

There are a few essentials you should always think about taking, like a plastic shopping bag for dirty clothes. You should also check in advance of any weight limits and ensure you avoid any excess charges. My best packing tips are to wear a bulky hoodie and sensible walking shoes on the plane to more storage space. And then pack some bathing suit and light clothing in your carry on just incase your checked luggage goes missing.