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Last Updated on 22nd March 2022

Who started JK Attire?

JKA was started in 2017 by Derek Jacobson, Jon Ball and Bradley White (with the latter leaving not long after set up). The official line is “born in Manchester” which is odd for three middle-aged men who all worked together in the southeast in the lucrative property market for Fairfax.

You don’t need Jacobson’s Havard education to surmise they chose Manchester as at the time the streetwear scene was dominated by the cities Couture Club, KWD, and MDV. They state their head office is in Manchester, so perhaps they have a design team based there considering their warehouse is in Leeds.

I’ve intentionally not written about this brand before, as it always looked like a financially motivated move but three astute businessmen with a big budget, but you can’t deny it’s been a success. This would have been assisted by good fashion designers with their fingers on the pulse and crucially a big marketing and influencer budget to get the attention of the big retailers.

Is JKA Clothing any good?

JK Attire womens wearBackground aside, this is all that matters. With the owners putting money into digital marketing, it’s nice to see they also ensure the product is good quality with fresh designs.

And there is no doubting the eye-catching styles in both the men’s and womenswear collections. If you want to stand out, that is definitely not going to be a problem.

Considering the brand started with simple embossed stock garments, the progression into a serious clothing brand is admirable.

JKA mensThe brand is dogged by the usual customer complaints with deliveries and warehouse mixups, and there are a few people questioning the garment quality which isn’t ideal.

Either way, any online purchase is covered by long-distance selling regulations which enables the right to return any unseen item within 14 days of receiving it. It’s worth pointing out though that the brand does not offer free returns, so you are better off buying from Footaslyum who do offer that.

Is there JK Attire discount codes?

The clothing brand gives a 15% student discount, with free delivery codes sometimes advertised on their social media channels. And naturally, they regularly have sales where there are some good bargains to have.

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