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Who is the founder of Kings Will Dream?

For those looking for a standard streetwear brand history or Wikipedia page, they are in for a surprise. KWD is Footasylums in-house brand created in 2015 to rival Sik Silk and 11 Degrees for the urban clothing crown.
So Kings Will Dream is owned by Footaslyum LTD, and it doesn’t have the standard founder backstory that other brands have. It’s a corporate designed and produced streetwear brand, but that’s not a bad thing, and quality design and production are guaranteed.
The closest you come to a driving force is the fashion designer, Jade Holland. He was tasked to research current and future trends on what would sell. It was purely a financial move by the Footasylum owners to use their store to promote their own brand for maximum profits. Much like they also own Zavetti to cover the high-end luxury market.

Is Kings Will Dream a good brand?

Yes, KWD is one of the best streetwear brands for value and on-trend designs. There are customer reviews that question the quality of the clothing, which is to be expected of a global company intent to maximise profits. But you have to remember that as they mass produce and have industry connections, their manufacturing costs are low. This is then reflected in very affordable pricing, and often great prices can be found on regular sales.

The other thing you get is highly regarded fashion designers. While these will be on-trend designs and forward-thinking, they will unlikely be risky and out there, so the KWD brand is legit and very safe clothing to buy for children and teenagers.

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Kings Will Dream menswear

Due to its price point and accessibility in Footasylum stores over the UK, KWD is a popular brand in cities. And for good reason, the designs are on-point, the production is mass-produced with quality materials, which in turn means the price point is very good for the consumer.

Is there a collab with KSI?

No, the Kings X KSI Collab is actually a different brand; Kings Apparel. Although KSI has worn KWD clothing on his social media, likely as a paid influencer due to his 9.3 million Instagram followers and his huge Youtube following.

Where can you buy it?

Because it’s manufactured by a retail giant, it’s obviously available in all Footasylum shops, and there are over 65 in the UK alone. You can find your nearest store here. And of course, you can buy online direct from the KWD website or from the Footaslylum site (which also has a host of other clothing brands).

The brand is currently only men’s and childrenswear, and they produce a whole range of garments including hooded tops, jackets, coats, T-SHirts, Joggers, track pants, sweatshirts, denim jeans, shorts, swim shorts, Gilets, bags, caps and hats. Being a streetwear brand, it’s more athleisure and loungewear.

Also, there are usually plenty of discount codes available, and end of season sales. For example currently, right now all new customers can get 10% off their first order with the code KWD0921.

What does KWD stand for?

It stands for Kings Will Dream, it’s the abbreviation of the full brand name. The initials appear on the logo.

The Kings Will Dream Logo

the KWD logo

The brand logo that adorns the clothes is a KWD in a script font, with a crown on the top. Again, the brand learned from the Sik Silk problem, that having a clear emblem helps people find you.

So having the brand initials is a good way to have a readable insignia, with colloquial shortening of names is a habit anyway, such as 11D, MDV, Pre, Couture, 304, Faded, Hera, FEK, Hype, A:B, as some examples.


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