Our Ultimate Guide To Platform Heels

The popularity of platform heels has risen and fallen many times over the years. The 1970s saw them become an essential fashion item with garish styles and colours worn by rock stars and everyday folk. They came and went and left a legacy like no other fashion item of their era.

However, whether you love them or hate them, it looks like they’re back and here to stay for good. So, if you can’t beat them, why not join them?

Platform heels with rainbow colours
Platform heels were a fashion icon in the 70s

If you’re thinking of taking the brave step into the world of platform heels, this is the perfect guide for you. We have created a complete guide on how to turn them from your fashion enemy into your ultimate bestie.

When To Wear Platform Heels

If you’re planning on stepping out in your very own pair of platform shoes, you’re probably wondering when it is best to wear them. In short, there’s never a right or wrong time for platform heels.

Whether you’re stepping out on the town for a night out or heading to a black-tie event, platform heels could really help to add the final touch to your outfit. And if you feel like channelling your inner Lady Gaga, you could even wear them to the supermarket! The simple truth is that platform heels are an excellent choice whenever you want to feel confident and empowered.

Typically speaking; however, most people do reserve their platforms for a night out. It’s the perfect time to play around with this style and try out a few daring looks.

How To Style Platform Heels

Studded platform heels shoes
Be daring with those platform heels

When it comes to platforms, it goes without saying that how you choose to wear them is an entirely personal choice. They are such fabulous shoes that it’s almost impossible to get them wrong. With that being said, if you do feel slightly lost and could benefit from some guidance, then we have some of our top tips for you.

Which colour shoe you go for could make or break your look. Right now, bright colours are really in. We’ve seen that hot pink is making a big comeback, especially with the Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps.

Whether you go for pastel or neon heels, we recommend sticking with a monochrome theme. Why not opt for a matching dress in the same colour, or add black or white to your outfit to create even more dimension.

Girl wearing platforms and long white socks
Platforms and long sock is a winning combination

Another great way of styling platforms is with complementary undergarments. Socks and platforms are really in right now, especially longer socks. We recommend trying knee-highs with your platform heels (think Ariana Grande!). You could wear them pulled up to your knees or rolled down, so they sit around your ankles – the choice is yours. Just make sure you opt for white socks with coloured-platform heels and black socks with black platforms.

You could even go that one step further and try them with tights! This will make you look like you’ve stepped straight off the runway.

Which Outfits To Pair Your Platforms With

We recommend pairing your platforms with something shorter, like a dress or skirt. They’re a statement piece in themselves and should be shown off! If you’ve got long legs, platform heels can seriously highlight their length and accent your natural gift.

However, we recommend avoiding longer pieces of clothing like maxi dresses and mid-length skirts as not only would this hide your gorgeous shoes, and the idea of platform heels is that everybody sees you wearing them.