11 Sensational Ideas for Luxury Personalised Gifts for Someone Special on any occasion

When it comes to special occasions, you want to give your loved ones something they’ll remember forever. Luckily, Inkerman’s range of affordable luxury gifts have personalisation options so may be exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for a present for your partner, parents, siblings or best friend, they have the perfect and unique luxury personalised gifts ideas for you and your loved ones.

Whether it’s their birthday, Valentine’s Day or another special day coming up soon; the perfect gift can make all the difference. However, finding an un-generic present can be tricky; after all, who wants yet another framed photograph as a token of your love? So, if you’re struggling with ideas about what to get them this season – look no further! Here are some of our favourite ideas for luxury personalised gifts that won’t disappoint.

Personalised Gifts for Her

9ct Gold 3-Colour Triple Rolling Bangle

Price: £1,950

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9ct Gold 3 Colour Triple Rolling Bangle

The 9-carat gold 3 colour rolling bangle is a wonderful piece of jewellery. It is a perfect gift for your girlfriend if she is fond of jewellery and loves to collect it. It will give her a chance to own a very stylish and elegant piece of jewellery that will be admired by all her friends.

It is also a wonderful choice for your wife if you want to give her something stylish that will make her feel special. The bangle can be customised with dates or initials on the inner surface which would make it extra special for them.

Personalised Gifts for Him

Sterling Silver Oval Chain-Link Cufflinks

Price: £235

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cufflinks are great for luxury personalised gifts for men

Allowing for either a smooth blank oval or a logo or initial to commemorate a special event, these sterling silver cufflinks are handcrafted by a master British silversmith.

Their cufflinks can also be presented in a presentation box decorated with an engraved silver plaque to make a truly memorable and timeless present for your husband or boyfriend on their birthday, anniversary or at Christmas.

These can also be ideal groomsman gifts as can be personalised with initials or dates.

Personalised Gifts for Couples

A pair of Vintage Champagne Flutes

Price: £36

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A pair of Vintage Champagne Flutes

These stunning tall Champagne flutes make a wonderful birthday or wedding anniversary present. Every occasion is made a little bit more glamorous with these glasses. Every glass can be hand etched with initials, dates, or small messages.

Inkerman craftsmen used hand-etched sandblasting, which they believe yields a much more intelligent outcome than laser etching for that ideal bespoke touch. Arriving in a gift box, it’s ready made for wedding gifts.

Personalised Gifts for Siblings

10oz Hunter Flask with 4 Cups

Price: £98

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10oz Hunter Flask with 4 Cups

A set of four steel cups is included with this 10oz Hunter Flask, which is hand covered in leather and made in England and for for ideal birthday gifts.

The same colours are available for hip flasks, making them a wonderful set as a present for your favourite siblings to enjoy.

The luxury personalised gifts are even better for outdoor enthusiasts and they would appreciate that you engraved their initials on the flask and cups to give a life-time reminder of who the better sibling is.

Personalised Gifts for You

Sporting Key Rings: Football, Tennis, Cricket, Golf, Rugby

Price: £30

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sporting keyrings

You may select from a range of silver-plated or hallmarked sterling silver sporting keyrings with a ball design of your choice, straight from Inkerman.

You may choose from a variety of sports, including football, rugby, cricket, tennis, and golf, as well as personalising your key ring with your initials on the smooth surface.

If you are a keen fan of sports in general, this would be the perfect present for you as will bring a bit of quality to an every day product you carry with you.

Personalised Gifts for Friends

For her – Sterling Silver Handbag Mirror

Price: £150

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Sterling Silver Handbag Mirror

One of their most popular ladies’ items is their Sterling Silver hallmarked handbag mirrors.

The reverse side features a polished solid sterling silver surface with the Inkerman Hallmark.

You can personalise it by either engraving your friend’s initials, name or date, or you could engrave a special short message for them. T

his would be perfect for any friends that you know would love to have luxury personalised gifts like this in their handbag.

For him – Polished Pewter Hip Flask

Price: £65

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Polished Pewter Hip Flask

Their small 4-ounce and 6-ounce polished pewter hip flasks are manufactured in England and can be personalized with your best friend’s initials or a thoughtful message.

The perfect addition to any outdoor event, stocked with your favourite drink!

It can also be an ideal Best Man or Groomsman present as it it practical and stylish.

Thanks to the engraving service, your friend will truly love their luxury personalised gift for years to come.

Personalised Gifts for Birthdays

Sterling Silver Initial Charm Bracelet

Price: £140

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Sterling Silver Initial Charm Bracelet

These bracelets are made of sterling silver, which is known for its durability and shine.

The clasp on this bracelet is also sterling silver, which will not cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to normal clasps.

This bracelet comes with a silver tag that looks perfect engraved with dates and initials.

It’s a wonderful way to commemorate someone’s special milestone birthdays and to let them someone know how much they mean to you.

Personalised Gifts for Anniversaries

Personalised Glass Fruit Bowl

Price: £120

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Personalised Glass Fruit Bowl

This fruit bowl is stunning, and the bubble base makes it look even better when personalized with names, dates, or logos to commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary gift.

This piece is so beautiful that it can be utilised in a variety of ways. It can be used to showcase fresh fruit or even to house sweets.

No matter what you decide to place inside of it, it will attract attention wherever you place it.

Personalised Gifts for Mum

Leather Jewellery, Earring & Cufflink Box with Suede Lining

Price: £150

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Leather Jewellery Earring Cufflink Box with Suede Lining

This stylish jewellery box is the perfect addition to your mum’s dressing table, keeping jewellery securely organised and protected.

It is constructed from the highest quality English textured leather with a beige suede lining and six storage slots and can also be used when travelling because of its secure locking mechanism.

You can have the box (available in black, mulberry or red leather) embossed with your mum’s initials or have a silver or gold engraved plate fixed to the inside of the lid.

If you want to go that extra mile, put some new personalised jewellery inside.

Personalised Gifts for Dad

Rugby Scene Tankard

Price: £60

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Rugby Scene Tankard

An Inkerman rugby-themed pint tankard made of glass is available.

You can personalize it with a message, logo, names, or dates, creating a one-of-a-kind present for your dad to enjoy drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages.

It is suitable for Christmas, anniversaries, or birthdays.

There are also other glassware products that may suit your dad if he is not a big sports fan.

There are other options and ideas for luxury personalised gifts, including engraved jewellery, monogrammed leather goods, or personalized fine art. Commissioning a custom painting or photo collage that represents a special memory or moment in the recipient’s life is a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Parents and children portraits are timeless treasures that encapsulate the profound bond between generations. Commissioning or creating such a portrait as a gift is a thoughtful way to commemorate the unspoken love, shared memories, and countless moments that define the parent-child relationship. Whether intricately painted, skillfully sketched, or captured through the lens of a camera, these portraits can serve as heirlooms, passed down through the ages.

They not only immortalize the physical likenesses of family members but also the emotions, expressions, and essence of their bond. For anyone seeking a meaningful and enduring gift idea, a portrait of parents and children is a touching testament to the love that binds families together.