How To Coordinate Your Outfit With Copper Jewellery

Last Updated on 6th January 2024

Copper like gold and silver has been worn by humans for centuries, and not just for highlight its eye-catching appeal. Renowned for its potential healing properties, this cool metal finds its place in the world of jewellery for both aesthetic and health reasons. 

Studies have suggested that copper can improve your immune system, relieve inflammation, and bolster bone health. It is also believed to contribute to improved skin health by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, vital for maintaining skin elasticity and strength.

It’s not only the perceived healing properties that make copper an attractive choice for jewellery. Its warm, earthy hue can add an intriguing pop of colour to any ensemble. Its versatile tone pairs excellently with a range of colours and styles, making it an ideal medium for matching various jewellery types, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even belts. 

Whether looking to make a bold fashion statement or a subtle sartorial accent,  a few pieces of copper jewellery provide many possibilities beyond mere adornment. This article explores how you can coordinate the outfit you wear with copper jewellery on any occasion. 


In the realm of copper jewellery, earrings make a profound statement. Their closeness to the face attracts attention, making them an essential element in outfit coordination. 

Copper earrings, particularly in designs that highlight the metal’s warm, earthy tones, pair well with neutrals, cool earthy hues, and darker shades. A simple copper hoop earring can lend an air of rustic elegance to a beige linen dress or a dark, tailored blazer.

When wearing copper earrings, consider the shape and size that best flatters the face. Large, round shapes accentuate the cheekbones and jawline, while dainty drop earrings focus on the neck and collarbone. 

Remember to match the earring style with the outfit’s vibe—be it bohemian, classic, or contemporary—to create a harmonious look.

Small copper earrings
These statement earrings will match any outfit or skin tone


Copper necklaces offer a versatile and prominent way to incorporate this healing metal into an ensemble. A chunky copper statement necklace can turn a simple white blouse or t shirt into a canvas for this piece of wearable art. The rich tone of copper creates a striking contrast against the white, drawing the eye and elevating the entire outfit.

Similarly, if paired with delicate copper chains or pendants work well with lower necklines, drawing attention to the décolletage. Pairing a copper pendant with a scoop or V-neck top in jewel tones can create a rich, luxurious look. 

Always remember the necklace’s style and design should complement the outfit’s style without overwhelming it.


Copper bracelets are the most widely recognized copper jewellery, given their associated health benefits. Styling them, however, requires a delicate touch. 

A single copper cuff can bring an edge to a casual jeans-and-tee look, while multiple thinner copper bangles add an eclectic touch to boho-chic ensembles. For formal or business attire, consider matching a delicate copper chain bracelet. This piece can highlight a subtle hint of colour and shine without disrupting the outfit’s professionalism. 

As a rule of thumb, remember to balance the size and design of the bracelet with the outfit’s overall aesthetic.


Because copper rings are often viewed up close, these pieces offer a chance to showcase the intricate beauty of copper designs. A hammered copper band could bring an artisanal vibe to an otherwise plain outfit, while a copper ring with a gemstone might provide a pop of colour.

Pairing copper rings with outfits often comes down to the other colours involved. Cooler shades like blues and greys can create a compelling contrast with copper’s warm tones. If wearing a navy dress, for example, it can come to life with the addition of a copper ring.


Copper belts represent an unconventional but striking way to incorporate this healing metal into one’s wardrobe. These pieces can cinch a flowing dress or add a boho twist to a pair of high-waisted jeans. When wearing a copper belt, it’s crucial to let it take centre stage by keeping other accessories minimal.

Because copper belts often have intricate designs, they look best against solid colour backgrounds, allowing the belt’s details to stand out. From skinny belts with copper buckles to broader ones with copper accents, these accessories can seamlessly combine fashion and functionality.

A copper barcelet
Copper enhances a warm skin tone and can be used for everyday wear


The art of coordinating outfits with wearing copper jewellery hinges on understanding the interaction between the metal’s warm hue, the outfit’s colours, and the specific jewellery type. Copper jewellery undeniably enhances your wardrobe.

Earrings can frame the face, while necklaces can draw attention to the chest. Bracelets provide great options to either subtly accessorize or make a statement, depending on their design. Rings allow the showcasing of intricate copper designs, and belts, while unconventional, offer an exciting way to make a fashion statement. 

Regardless of choice, copper jewellery adds a unique soft aesthetic touch and potentially boosts health, turning any outfit into an embodiment of style and wellness.