Mens Earrings That are Still in Trend in 2022

If you think mens earrings are already out of style, you’re dead wrong. Unlike women’s earrings that are more versatile and constantly going out of trend, men’s earrings are more constant in fashion and may not go out of style any time soon. So, are men’s earrings out of style in 2022? The answer is no.

Earrings, and jewellery for men in general, are still in trend nowadays. Many men have enjoyed the idea of styling themselves with jewellery. It doesn’t matter if they got the lowest price for men’s diamond rings or the most expensive earrings. What matters the most is one’s style and preference.

That said, if you want to up your ante with earrings, you’re in luck. We will be discussing men’s earring trends in 2022 and how they can be the perfect earrings for you. Whether you’re planning to try out a new style, looking for the right pair of earrings for yourself, or making a statement, you’ll find something here.


Mens hoop Earrings

Hoops are arguably one of the most popular types of men’s earrings that are considered constant and won’t go out of style any time soon. Whenever you see hoop earrings, you’ll be reminded of the time when David Beckham used to wear one.

Not only him, though, as over the years, many male celebrities are also seen wearing hoop earrings, which contributed to its popularity today.

While they aren’t as versatile and more adventurous as stud earrings, they are certainly more comfortable and easier to wear. They’re also known as sleeper earrings because you can still wear them comfortably during your sleep. This is because hoop earrings don’t have any metallic post that can prick you while you sleep, and the smooth surface won’t irritate your skin either.

Stud Earrings

Studs are the most basic type of earring and are the most likely type that will be introduced to you once you get your ears pierced. Stud earrings have the classic style, where the post goes through your piercing and is secured by a clasp at the end of it. It may be a basic style of earring, but it’s not as boring as you think. People think this because it’s the most common type of men’s earrings as a lot of men still wear them nowadays.

studs are popular mens earrings for 2022

After you get your ears pierced, the recommended stud earrings that’ll maintain your piercing will stay with you for about eight weeks.

This is to secure the formation of the hole and to avoid its closure, regardless of the type of earrings you want. After the hole heals, you can choose any type of earrings. However, a lot of people stay with stud earrings because they’re already comfortable with it.

Stud earrings can complement any fashion style men have. Studs come in all shapes and sizes, and the materials they’re made of are sterling silver, white gold, platinum, and surgical plastic.

The type of adornment that will add style to your earrings is also important. It can be made with different materials too, such as gemstones, gold, silver, or even stainless steel.

Barbell Earrings

This earring is as straightforward as you might expect. After all, they’re called barbell earrings because they look like barbells, albeit smaller in size and can fit your ear piercings. There are three types of barbell earrings: straight barbells, curved barbells, and horseshoe.

Barbell earrings can also be used in different types of body piercing, which is why they’re also popular with body piercing enthusiasts. For example, if you have a cartilage piercing, you can try out straight barbells with a smaller gauge for comfort.

If you’re into tragus piercing, you can try using long straight barbells. Barbell piercing has a screw end feature, which makes it secure for tragus piercings. If you’re looking for adornments for your hip and lip piercings, you can try curved barbells, which have a slight curve in the middle secured by two adornments on either end. For septum piercings or cartilage, a  horseshoe that looks like cuff bracelets is an optimal choice.

Dangly Earrings

If you’re looking to make a huge impression with your fashion statement, dangly earrings can help you with that. Dangly earrings are far bolder than hoops or studs- great for people who want to show off their bling. The most common designs for dangly earrings are crosses, feathers, chains, or pearls.

If you want to see them in action, you can look up pictures of Lil Nas X, Neymar, or Harry Styles. They are just some of the celebrities that use dangly piercings. However, one of the downsides of dangly earrings is they are usually heavy, which can strain your piercing. They are also not usually appropriate within a work environment.

Conclusion for mens earrings for 2022

Gone are the days where men who wear earrings are considered unusual. However, unlike women’s more versatile earrings, men’s earrings are limited, relatively.  But that doesn’t mean that there’s no way for men to choose which earring is perfect for them as it all comes down to personal preference.

That said, if you’re looking to up your fashion sense, choosing from the types of earrings above will be in your best interest.