Style Guide: 8 Men’s Shirts To Wear With Black Suits

8 Men’s Shirts To Wear With Black Suits

Last Updated on 6th January 2024

With the world returning to normal, it’s time to go formal. Everyone needs at least one good suit, suitable for funerals, weddings and job interviews. Black suits may not be the go-to choice for men of today’s society, yet they’re still as versatile and suave as ever. Investing in the right one for you doesn’t have to be a big commitment either, as a classic black suit can be worn for a variety of occasions.

With today’s consumers preferring soft blues, contemporary pinks or slate grey, the humble dark suit can often take a back seat. Yet it’s the most sophisticated menswear option and you’re bound to stand out given its timeless appeal.

What’s more, black is incredibly slimming and suits everyone and any taste going. You can’t go wrong. Unless you go short sleeves, you will always need to go regular sleeve length when suited.

We contacted the experts at Suit Direct for advice on mens shirts for black suits. Here is their useful guide below with the brand’s top eight picks of men’s formal shirts and find the perfect one.

White is best Men’s Shirts To Wear With Black Suits
The classic white shirt and black suit look
  1. Black Suit and the White Shirt

The tuxedo is a tale (that feels) as old as time, but its origins date back to the Victorian era. Whether you want to jazz up your own with hints of velvet or elaborate jacquard, or you’d prefer to keep things simple in soft cotton, the black tuxedo is here to stay and will never date.

Pair yours with a crisp white shirt, a suave black bow tie, white pocket square and black patent leather shoes for the very best in men’s traditional dresswear. If you want to steer clear of seasonal trends and feel timeless, this is your best bet. You won’t regret feeling like Bond as you make an entrance to formal occasions.

black suit black shirt

  1. Black Suit and the Black Shirt

Into your noir monochrome? Opt for a black on black combination. This is hugely contemporary in comparison to the tux, and feels way more laidback.

Perfect for proms or days at the office. Keep your shirt smart with a button-down collar and opt for a classic black tie combination to finish.

black suit pink shirt

  1. Black Suit and the Pink Shirt

Another contemporary look: the pink shirt works wonders with a black suit – leave the blues and greys at home! Style yours with a clashing red bow tie and black leather brogues.

  1. Black Suit and the Floral Shirt

Put an alternative spin on your suit with a floral shirt. Whether your vibe is subtle or louder the better, there’s a floral shirt with your name on it. Just add a bow tie in a complementing colour and keep shoes comfortable. Trainers or brogues would do the trick for the ultimate in smart casual shirts combo.


  1. Black suit and the Oxford shirt

The ultimate classic, the Oxford shirt is a hero piece and has been loved for generations and should be in every man’s wardrobe. This is the perfect shirt for smart-casual events: unbutton the classic collar and style with trainers.

An Oxford shirt is a type of cloth that is heavier and a rougher weave, originally made in Scotland (and named after the University). It’s durable stiffness means it holds it’s shape. Coming in a variety of colours like power blue and cool grey, match with a complimenting solid black tie for the win.

gingham check
Gingham Green Check Pattern
  1. Black Suit and the Gingham Shirt

Another winning classic, the gingham shirt is as versatile as the black suit – but be mindful of colours. Suit Direct recommends sticking to traditional black and white checks for this one. Team with a black tie and loafers.

Gingham is 2-colour cotton or cotton blend fabric, made by weaving dyed yarn to form a checked pattern.

vintage paisley patterns
Vintage paisley patterns
  1. Black Suit and the Paisley Shirt

Take a trip back to the ‘60s with playful paisley shirts for men. From large foulard to micro paisley prints, keep the colours on the dark side and pair with accessories in complementing berry tones. This might not be suitable for formal events or special occasions but can easily be matched with denim for everyday wear.

The paisley pattern is named after the Scottish town where it gained in popularity, but is an ornamental textile design originating in Asia and the Middle East.

  1. Black Suits and the Checked Shirt

In the same field as gingham but a lot more laidback, the humble checked shirt is another style icon that pairs perfectly with black suits. Keep your checks small, your sleeves long and your colours neutral – then you’re onto a winner.

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