Textiles for clothes: when wardrobes become digital

If fashion is the way to express oneself, the tailor’s shop is certainly the perfect means to do so. This is the ideal place for anyone wanting to personalise their wardrobe with unique pieces that will last over time, with the creation of a made-to-measure garment with the best textiles.

Quality choices for online fabrics

In riding the wave of innovation, it is necessary to thank the Internet and the establishment of e-commerce. The online clothing segment has grown a great deal over recent years, in parallel to almost all the trade sectors, in both Business-To-Business (B2B) and in Business-To-Consumer (B2C).

It is not easy to sell textiles online. However, thanks to the continuous development of technologies, increasingly accurate descriptions and high-quality photos, it has become possible to give the perception of the finesse and feel of the fabrics even without being able to touch them physically.

The growth of the online sale of fabrics goes hand in hand with the return of Made in Italy, both in Italy and abroad, as an enduring example of the ultimate expression of luxury, quality and good taste.

Equally, sustainability campaigns have increased interest in the journey undertaken to make an item of clothing: an itinerary which starts from the factories which produce textiles for clothes until reaching the final outlet, transforming the dynamics which used to determine communication in the sector.

a woman shops online Textiles for clothes
Shopping online Textiles for clothes

Tailoring and online, a winning match

Putting these elements together, it is possible to cite Carnet as a reference point for the online sale of highly-valued Italian textiles. This is an example of meticulous research in order to offer the client the best digital experience possible, where knowledge of the material and the desire to present the best fabric for clothes combine.

Alongside this, in the world of Italian haute couture, for both women and men, the choice of the fabric and of the shape for a garment is entrusted to the expert hands of tailors who – between pinstripes, the Prince of Wales fabric, printed silks and light wool – manage to make elegant and fine clothes which above all can model the client’s figure as effectively as possible.

The cultural and professional baggage which is part of tailors’ know-how does not consist solely of experience and the meticulous way in which they work but also includes knowledge of the various types of fabric, their characteristics and their differences.

Excellence in choosing the fabric

Fabrics for clothes by the meter, both those sold online through the leading-edge portals we have available nowadays, and in the ateliers with all their history, are becoming increasingly popular and allow tailors and end-users to best express style and personality when a made to measure garment is created.

For more specific information, please refer to the detailed article on textiles for clothes by Carnet, today one of the biggest global players in the manufacture of luxury fabrics and accessories.

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