Sleeper Atlanta linen dress: my go-to choice on a hot summer day

This summer is a scorcher in the UK, and finding the right summer dress is always a challenge. Luckily we have inspiration from the likes of Selena Gomez and Chloë Grace Moretz who share our love for the Ukrainian brand the Sleeper.

The Secret Behind an Effortless Beauty of the Sleeper Atlanta Linen Dress

A beautiful dress is always a good addition to the wardrobe, especially when it’s for a sizzling hot summer. However, finding the right design can be quite a challenge. There are a lot of similar patterns and models on the market now. So, for those, who value versatility the search for that one unique option can be quite time-consuming.

Nevertheless, there is quite a load of interesting and fresh brands out there, that will surprise you with their designs ranging from a white dress with flowers to a loungewear suit. All you need to do is to open up to the possibility of trying something new and playing around with your style a bit.

One of the brands that will allow you to do so is Sleeper. The Ukrainian fashion label became famous for its practical and elegant pyjama sets that were designed to balance sleepwear and chic clothes. Needless to say that the brand received quite a huge recognition because of these designs.

Furthermore, Sleeper broadened its boundaries by introducing more different collections and styles. That’s why we can say that this is a perfect brand to start your journey of rediscovering style. With that amount of different options, it’s not hard to find something you’d like. The  brand’s clothing caters to a wide audience, that’s why they make sure there is a variety of different: 

  • Designs
  • Colour options
  • And sizes. 

Besides, having introduced new collections, they never forget to restock the beloved classics too. So now you can find a Sleeper Atlanta linen dress, as well as famous party pyjamas with feathers. Therefore, if you are interested in trying something new, and maybe adding a fresh dress to your closet, you should check out what Sleeper has got to offer too.

atlanta linen dress in pansies
Atlanta linen dress in pansies

Nothing Like a White Dress With Flowers to Feel like a True Princess

As we have already said, finding a dress can be hard sometimes, especially for the pickiest connoisseurs of style. Luckily enough, we have a brand like Sleeper to ease up the searching process. How can they do that, you may ask? Well, the brand has quite a range of different gowns to offer to its audience.

Additionally, the most recent designs were introduced as a part of the Summer Market collection – the line of much current interest. It’s because it was specifically compilated to display outfits that would be most suitable for the summer season. That’s why most of the outfits here are also made out of 100% natural linen.

Not only does this material not require any special care, but it also offers a lot of comfort due to its breathability and lightness. So, which linen loungewear gowns should you pay extra attention to if you want to revive your style?

There are a few pieces that can rightfully be called central to this collection. However, if we are talking specifically about the gowns, we can’t start with any other than a pansy Sleeper Atlanta dress. Of course, it’s not so much about the pattern or colour of the material, but more about the design itself. This dress has reached its cult status because of its unique model. It’s a midi dress with a flowing skirt and shirred bodice, and it might seem like there isn’t something special about it.

However, what makes this gown so effortlessly elegant and therefore attractive are its signature billowing sleeves. They can be worn on and off the shoulders, depending on the vibe you are looking for. Moreover, it can also fit in different settings: during a chill day at home or for a romantic dinner date.

Looking for a More Relaxed Vibe? We Got You!

If you liked the idea of a linen summer gown, but want something more casual, do not worry. Your desires won’t be so hard to fulfil. Even though the Sleeper Atlanta linen dress has so much attention drawn to it, it’s not the only piece that will fascinate you with its beauty. If you are after something relaxed then a Paloma dress might be for you as a perfect combination of sensuality and comfort.

Another good choice for those, who value simplicity, would be a Belle dress. This midi gown with lantern sleeves and adjustable neckline couldn’t be more perfect for everyday wear.

bosporus navy loungewear dress
Bosporus navy loungewear dress

However, there are a lot more other options. There’s a simple navy linen loungewear button-up gown and Brigitte dress. You can also find sensual Michelin and Marquise designs alongside Opera and Marie dresses. And if you won’t stick to the idea of just buying a dress, you will also find a lot of cute and comfortable lounge sets in all the different variations: from simple Unisex to funky Rumba suits. And, as well as the dresses, these too can be worn for different occasions and combined with most of the clothes you already own. So, even if you find one outfit, you will receive much more than just that. 

How to Start Experimenting with Style

As you can see, there are a lot of stylish options out there that you might haven’t yet seen. All you need to do is to start looking a bit further than your usual circle of fashion perception. Of course, pushing one’s stylish boundaries can’t be easy. We often do all we can to stay just right in our comfort zone. However, we can do that and still explore other options. You can start by searching up new styles, for example.

Focus on items that your wardrobe might lack/ such as jeans, dresses, and basic clothes like tank tops or bodysuits. Maybe try throwing in a new colour or pattern. If you are one of the people who are dedicated to wearing trousers, then even trying on a Sleeper Atlanta dress will be a huge step towards fashion experiments.

However, don’t forget that anything you wear should have three main features no matter what is the style of the clothing: quality, comfortability, and practicality. Besides that, you should feel confident in your outfits. With these recommendations in mind, it shouldn’t be hard for you to try implementing something new into your style.