Enter the Warm World of Loro Piana

When you are in need to stay warm but not in the mood to sacrifice style, Loro Piana comes to mind on such occasions, but there is more to it than just Italian excellence and commitment to quality.

Ever wondered how those equestrians or the sailors look so dashing while doing their job? Perhaps, Loro Piana is where the answer lies. This delightful Italian fashion brand frequently sponsors yacht sailing and horse racing competitions, with their fans mostly hailing from those high-end communities.

The company was a wool merchant, to begin with, but that now has also extended to the sophisticated fabrics and finest raw materials it makes. A prestigious brand to reckon with for its simplicity and elegance, today, we dive deep into the world of below of the largest cashmere manufacturer.

Enter the Warm World of Loro Piana

A Family Business Turned Into a Fashion Icon

Based in the Northern Italian district Trivero, the founding family of the company began their wool business in the early 19th century. Later on, the Loro Piana family moved to Valsesia, but they carried their knowledge of Trivero’s famed textile production with them.

Son Pietro Loro Piana started the company in 1924, and his son Franco Loro Piana started the exporting of fine, high-end fabrics to the rest of the world in 1940. Creating a name for the brand with their fine craftsmanship and Made in Italy traditions.

In true Italian style, Franco’s sons Pier Luigi and Sergio joined in the 70’s and it remained fully family-owned until 2013 when LMVH became the company’s major shareholder, which now operates around 180 stores across different continents. So it’s fair to say Pier Luigi Loro Piana were a big part of the fabric of the company.

Over the years, the design aesthetics of their fine products also have seen some revolutionary changes. Along with the traditional wool, cashmere, and baby cashmere, they now also design clothes with some other natural and technical materials. It’s a true success story, with Loro Piana playing a vital role in making Italy a kingdom of fashionistas along with some other brands like Stone Island.

Loro Piana

Effortless Style Crafted in Quality Materials

As mentioned before, the craftsmen at Loro Piana know cashmere and wool-like no other. They also equally well-versed in combining them with other technical materials. At the end of it, the clothing pieces that they craft the fabrics into turn out to be nothing short of a wonderful delight.

They are earthy, yet effortlessly opulent; they are simple, yet impeccably detailed; they are classy, yet incredibly suitable for all modern occasions. Oh! The clothes, shoes, accessories from the company are comfy, warm, and luxurious too. It can’t just get any better, can it?

If you were wondering whether they are suited to your contemporary taste, their defined weight, lines and shapes would certainly appeal to your cosmopolitan persona. With a clothing range that encompasses everything from t-shirts to long dresses, you can even build an entire lifestyle around it. The different options of scarves, gloves, jumpers, and shoes also help its cause to be your all-occasion comforter brand.

Loro Piana also seems to understand the value of sustainability and preservation. So, despite roaming around the remotest areas to source the finest wools, they also put a lot of effort into sustaining nature’s gifts by preserving its biodiversity. The fashion label are proving that using luxury fabric can still be ethical and maintain the same standards carried by the brand for centuries.

What is Loro Piana famous for?

For six generations Loro Piana have ethically sourced rare raw materials from across the globe to make exceptional luxury clothing. This devotion to the end product quality sees exclusive fibres which maintaining an honourable commitment to the conservation of the animals used.

Where to buy Loro Piana clothing

The fashion label is available in high-end stores like Harrods and has a flagship store in the Dubai Mall showcasing Merino wool to the Middle Eastern market.

What animals are used to produce Loro Piana cashmere?

Baby cashmere is one of the world’s most exclusive fibres and is obtained from the under fleece of young Hircus goat’s from the Mongolian desert.

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