Nine Tips to Master the Athleisure Style

Have you ever dressed for a gym session, only to wish you could wear the same outfit for the rest of the day?

Perhaps you cannot get away with wearing jogger pants and Asics Trainers at your corporate office, but you can certainly do so when you are running errands or visiting a local coffee shop.

The athleisure style is all about blurring the lines between comfortable, everyday clothes and the outfits that you may wear while playing sports or training at the gym.

Below is a guide that outlines nine tips for you to master to pull off the athleisure trend.

man in tracksuit and trainers
Sporty chic can still mean stylish clothes

1. Comfort Matters

The athleisure style is all about looking and feeling good in equal measure. You want to feel as though you could wear the same outfit to bed if you wanted. Every piece of clothing you buy as part of your athleisure wardrobe should fit well and look stylish, but most importantly, must be comfortable to wear for a long time.

2. Oversizing is Acceptable

Oversizing is an important style of athleisure brands, but you do not want to look like a trash bag either. Combine one piece that is oversized with a more fitting item, such as a large hoodie with tighter sweatpants or leggings. You can even go in the other direction if you prefer. You could choose a tighter white shirt that you would wear to the gym, along with looser sweatpants as your bottom layer.

3. Mix Logos with Classical Pieces

There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes that showcase brand logos, especially if you are spending a lot of money on some of your pieces. What you must do is avoid having gigantic logos on every item you are wearing, as that can make your entire appearance feel a little less classy and stylish. Pair logo-ed clothes with classic pieces to tame your look.

4. Go With Clean Cuts

Minimalist pieces are always the best choice of athletic wear depending on personal style. You should have stylish clothing that comes with clean cuts and simple silhouettes. Wearing these clothes helps you look attractive and charming, even if you are only picking out random items from your wardrobe and throwing them on before you head out the door.

woman in pure athleisure style
You can still look stylish without bright colours

5. Avoid Bright Colours

The athleisure style is all about minimalism, not standing out among the crowd. You are already making a style choice to go with a more athletic outfit; what you do not want to do is choose colours that are extremely bright or outlandish. The ideal colours are black, dark grey, dark blue, and similar shades. If you do prefer clothes with patterns or lines, try to pick pieces where those patterns or lines are as understated as possible.

6. Add a Touch of Elegance

Adding a little touch of elegance to your look, such as a beautiful necklace or a pair of stylish sunglasses, can help you stand out. Even when you are in athleisure wear, you will look fantastic if you are meeting up with friends at a coffee shop or a local restaurant for brunch.

7. Layering Helps

When dressing in the athleisure style for the winter, layering is critical. Ensure you have an oversized hoodie that you can pair with more fitting sweatpants or leggings, along with a larger jacket. Long jackets are helpful, as they can also be closed up to make your overall appearance look more formal or professional.

8. Pick Your Sneakers Wisely

Sneakers are most definitely the official shoe of the athleisure style, as it would be odd to wear anything else with an outfit that consists of sweatpants or leggings and a casual t-shirt. You must, however, pick the correct sneakers to match your outfit. You can go a little bright with the colour choices, but choose sneakers that would look stylish in any setting.

9. Choose a Stylish Accessory

When wearing an athleisure outfit, choosing your accessories is very important. Adding a stylish backpack or messenger bag that matches your outfit will help your overall appearance. Having such an accessory is also practical, as you can keep all the items you may need during the day in your backpack.