Gift Ideas for Kids: Must Haves Toys for every Child in 2022

The world of toys is always changing. New trends come and go, and the kinds of toys kids want also change depending on their age and what’s popular at the time. With so many options available to parents looking for the perfect toy for their child, it can be hard to know which toys will stand the test of time and remain relevant for years to come.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of must-have toys in 2022 from wooden toy experts Mulberry Bush suitable for birthday gifts or any occasion for boys and girls. Whether your little one is interested in science, animals or new technology, you’ll find plenty of ideas here that are sure to excite any child.

Rose Cottage Dolls House and Furniture


Rose Cottage Dolls House and Furniture

Price: £145

Age: 3+

The charming, cream white and pink, fully painted inside and out wooden dolls’ house, with four complete room setups (18 pieces). It has a lift-back roof piece, an easy-access staircase to all the rooms, and a sliding patio door to the rear, making it a thoroughly lovely Dollhouse and ideal gifts for kids 3 years old and upwards.

Your little ones can turn Rose Cottage into a home by decorating it with the 18 pieces of dollhouse furniture that come with the house. It is a two-story wooden dollhouse superbly furnished for children of both genders. This dollhouse will inspire young children to create imaginative role-play sessions to play games for years to come.

Giant Multi Craft Weaving Loom

Giant Multi Craft Weaving Loom

Price: £47

Age: 6+

This traditional big wooden weaving loom with an adjustable weave width and stand is perfect for creative kids who are looking to learn a new skill. They can create stunning woven projects or tapestries for the whole family such as a rainbow scarf, drawstring bag, purse on a long handle or a tasselled coaster.

Everything is included with the weaving loom, but you can purchase more materials to create more projects. An illustration booklet and paper picture weaving strips are also included to produce fun pictures for weaving.

Construction Site Bundle

Construction Site Bundle

Price: £156

Age: 3+

The wooden Construction Bundle is a popular wooden construction kit for young children. This kit is beautifully made using eco-friendly material and is detailed to resemble the real thing. Each working vehicle from this toy bundle is available separately but you can save £25 if you purchase it all as a bundle.

The bundle is an ideal kids gifts and contains a tower crane, digger, tipper truck, construction workers and a front-end loader. This is the perfect toy for kids who are into construction and love working on their own mini-building site.

Footfinders and Wrist Rattles Set

Footfinders and Wrist Rattles Set

Price: £18.99

Age: Birth to 12 months

Your baby will enjoy playing with his or her feet even more with this adorable bootee and wrist set with crinkling wings and rattling bugs. They are beautifully created, comfortable, and easy to wear with lit colours, different textures and irresistible faces.

Fun, engaging ladybug and butterfly characters are made of a mixture of plush, woven, and silky materials, making them perfect for little hands to explore. The footfinders can be easily slipped on the baby’s feet and the wrist rattles can be securely velcroed onto the baby’s wrists for hours of fun for the little one.

Convertible Book Fire Engine


Convertible Book – Fire Engine

Price: £14.99

Age: 3+

This book/playmat/fire engine set is triple the fun; it converts from a book to a playmat to a 3D fire engine! The convertible book is all made from tough, heavy-duty cardboard that will last a long time to ignite imaginative play.

You can read an exciting story, then unfold the book into a unique road scene for imaginative playing time with emergency vehicles and cars, then fold again and snap it together to make a big vehicle big enough for little kids to climb and play inside. There are so many ways that you can play with it that children will have endless hours of fun and excitement.

Aftershock Earthquake Lab

Aftershock! Earthquake Lab

Price: £27.99

Age: 8+

This set includes 53 unique geology and engineering components to build 100s of unique structures on a moving shake table that tilts, shakes, and rotates in all directions. You can figure out how to build a stable structure that withstands shaking, rock and rolling, and you control the intensity of the table through trial and error.

There is also a 24-page illustrated activity book that covers everything from tectonic plates and seismic waves to sea-floor volcanoes and earthquake causes and more. You’ll also find out how structural stability is achieved in the deadliest earthquake zones, where the tallest buildings are located.

Children of the World Game

Children of the World Game

Price: £22.99

Age: 5 to 10

This game provides a minuscule sample of the enormous variety of cultures, peoples, and ecosystems that exist all around us. Work together and collaborate to earn stamps in the passport by answering questions or accomplishing tasks. There are 100 picture cards to discover the world or learn about different cultures. It is a fun, interactive game with lots to play with since you can play as a team. The game is even suitable for younger kids who can’t read yet as you can play it without questions.

GeoSafari Seascope


GeoSafari Seascope

Price: £33

Age: 7+

The best gifts are ones that can be played with for a long time and spark the imagination. Children can discover a fascinating underwater world with this unique GeoSafari Seascope. They can investigate the water life in ponds, rockpools, streams, kelp beds and even coral reefs without getting wet. The toy features 5x magnification, a thermometer, a ruler for measuring and a built-in LED light that allows kids to discover the water life when it’s dark.

The Seascope is perfect for children to promote the use of real scientific tools, develop their observational skills and encourage them to love the environment.