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Last Updated on 6th February 2021

Who is the owner of U and I originals?

Fashion Social Influencers starting their own brands is not unique (see 11 Degrees, Couture Club, Faded etc). Model Paul Hutchie has been the face of many brands (i.e Scar Tissue, Boo Hoo, Sinners) but is now known in his own right for his lifestyle influencing and for his own brand U & I Originals.

The model and influencer works and plays with a tight friendship group with Kyle Beaumont and Tyrone Hermit, travelling all over the globe and are often seen in Ibiza, Thailand and Dubai doing influencer shoots for the clothing brands. Romantically linked with Love Island’s Francesa Allen, Hutchie is well known in celebrity circles and counts Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry as a close friend.

Hutchie decided to start his own venture after many compliments on his style. Starting with caps, the U & I Originals brand launched in early 2018 with 9 unique styles. Perhaps a bit too daring for the average customer, the brand definitely had the quality and standout designs in a saturated snapback market. It’s not surprising that they are dedicated to developing a simplistic, contemporary and innovative design when you look at the styles. Every U and I Originals cap design had a real quality about it.

U & I. You and I. Us. Together. No matter how you phrase it, U & I symbolises cohesion, harmony, a coming together in unison.

U and I originals

Who is Paul “Hutchie” Hutchinson?

in 2016 Hutchie was a computer programmer in Milton Keynes when he was spotted on Instagram wearing a pair of Sinners Attire shorts at Hideout Festival, and was approached by the brand to model for them.

Shoots soon followed with Scar Tissue Clothing AW16 launch, and for their iconic SS17 shoot he worked with Ross Warswick which opened up the celebrity world for the popular model. I first met the owner of U & I Originals in Ibiza, but the last time I saw him was on the side of a bus modelling for Boohoo Man.

Hutchie oozes style and it’s a shame he didn’t take U and I Originals further. I know he planned on T-shirts, swim shorts and twin sets, and I hope that he develops the brand to incorporate these as you know it will be top quality designs and he would not have it any other way.

Is there a U and I Originals Black Friday sale?

I contacted the brand and they advised that there are no plans to reduce pricing further for a Black Friday sale. All hats are currently 50% off.


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