Crew Neck T-Shirts: Yes or No?

Crew neck t-shirts have been around since the late 19th century and during that time has become one piece of wardrobe that probably every single guy on the planet owns.

It’s super versatile, comes in multiple colours and fantastic designs and is oh so comfy. However, we sometimes hear that the high time for wearing crewneck t-shirts is over and that guys should focus on something new like V-necks, polos or short-sleeved pattern shirts.

Confused? We get it, so lets into the nitty-gritty and answer this burning question. Crew-neck t-shirts: yes or no?

History of Crew neck T-shirts

The crewneck tee is counting over 150 years of existence and has started as a full-body garment designed to protect expensive clothing like suits from sweat and other bodily fluids. Yep, we know, ew.

With time, t-shirts got shorter and were usually worn under sweaters, shirts and other clothing. Only in the mid 20th century, with the help of Hollywood stars like James Dean, it became customary to wear a t-shirt on its own.

Crew Neck T-Shirts

Crewneck tees – yes or no? 

Since crewneck t-shirts have been around for a while, some people say it’s time to retire them and wear them only as undergarments, at home or while working out.

Let’s cut to the chase. We don’t agree, except when the tees are of a poor fit, quality and style. How to ensure that’s not the case for you? Keep reading.

Choose the right fit 

Choosing the right fit for your crewneck t-shirt is the first step of ensuring you look great in it.

The tee’s shoulders seams should sit on shoulder-bone, the sleeves should be mid-length on your biceps and not too loose, the t-shirt should end at the middle of your trouser fly in length, and the ideal width is when you leave 2.5-5cm loose fabric on each side of the torso. Simple!

Choose the right fabric

Okay, you nailed the fit, now let’s move on to the fabric. You know how some tees lose their shape after the first wash? You don’t want that, so before buying, check the label and choose fabrics like 100% cotton, like Egyptian or Pima cotton, cotton blends, jersey or quality rayon or viscose.

To make sure you end up with the real deal, get your high-quality crewneck t-shirts from trusted brands like the men’s crew neck t-shirts by Fresh Clean Tees.

A high-quality crewneck tee will not only look so much better, but it will also allow your body to breathe and won’t make you feel like you’re wearing a plastic trash bag!

Choose the right colour

The last step that will decide whether your crewneck tee is a go or a no-no is the colour.

If you already picked the right fabric, the chances are that the colours will be great too. But let’s do a quick overview.

Colour classics like white, variations of grey, black, navy and burgundy will give you the chance to style your crewneck with most pants, blazers and cardigans.

Adding a few fun colours to the rotation will give the tee a cool twist and show that, yes, you like the traditional styles, but you’re still modern. recommends exploring the entire rainbow, from fresh lilacs to bright teals to deep mauves and forest greens.

How to wear a crewneck t-shirt 

crew neck tee styledFinally, the question of whether crewnecks are a yes or a no comes down to how you wear them. Without a doubt, you can style them with jeans or a hoodie, but we strongly recommend branching out and making the most of this versatile item which works so well with denim.

With chinos and a blazer

Pair your white, burgundy, black or deep olive crewneck with chinos and a blazer to create the ultimate smart casual look. Add white leather sneakers or Chelsea boots and a stylish bracelet to finish it off!

With a leather jacket

A leather jacket and a crewneck tee complement each other. While the jacket is a statement piece, the t-shirt keeps you grounded and looking like you just put this outfit together in a couple of minutes. For the bottoms, choose dark denim or wool trousers.

With tailored shorts and cool sunnies

In summer, most guys swap their trousers for shorts whenever possible. Embrace the look! Wear your favourite colour crewneck t-shirt, add stylish sunnies, and you’re ready for a hot date!