What Trends are Coming Back in Style in 2023?

Last Updated on 15th April 2023

In the fashion world, trends come and go. Some styles become timeless classics, while others are forgotten after a few years. 2023 is no different, with a range of exciting trends coming back into the limelight.

The rest of the year will include many exciting trends, with Y2K fashion reaching a new height. Prior to the holidays, eye-catching clothing with a festive vibe is dominating the runways. This includes daring designs like bubble dresses, volume tops, cut-outs aplenty, and slacks and skirts with extremely low rises.

Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe or just want a change of pace, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. Let’s take a look at what trends are coming back in style in 2023.

Sweats 2.0

No matter if you choose raised soft trousers like knitted flares and flowy culottes or oversized, fleece-lined joggers, casual bottoms will still be popular in 2023, largely due to the persistence of hybrid work settings.

oversized Baggy Silhouettes

Baggy Silhouettes

Dresses and tops will maintain their volume thanks to ballooning silhouettes, oversized shirting, and puff sleeve trends. The latter will liven up all the soft trousers you’ll likely still be wearing.

Platform Shoes

This year’s most popular shoe silhouette is boosted for a retro-inspired feel with sky-high heels, flatforms, loafers, ankle-strap heels, boots, and even clogs. You’ll be able to give your heels a break now because thick soles are all the range in 2023.

Low-Rise Trousers

Low-rise trousers, low-slung trousers, and micro-mini skirts are all back in style. If you like low-slung denim, leather, or cargo trousers rather than the snug and stretchy attire, opt for the look.

The Colour Purple

This year’s colour trend is purple, which ranges from subtle lilacs to opulent, regal hues. Set to be the go-to colour for autumn/winter, purple has been taken over the runways ever since Pantone revealed the colour of the year, Very Peri. Utilize statement knitwear, dresses, and accessories that will inspire sartorial excitement to embrace the current shade.


With prim florals, frills, and corsets sweeping the fashion scene in 2023, regencycore is still going strong. With long gloves, corsets, empire waist dresses, lady cardigans and pearls making a comeback into the fashion spotlight, this trend has inspired fashion enthusiasts to turn as far back as the 19th century for their wardrobe inspiration.


Cutout clothing is now on the rise this year. If you want to show a bit more skin, this could be the style for you. Cutouts strategically positioned on dresses, tops, and occasionally low-rise bottoms will be available as a component of the Aughts 2.0 fashion trend.

Bra Tops

Who needs real shirts when bra tops are popular right now? The bra has attained “real top” status and is now acceptable for both casual attire at home and edgier outings. For balance, tuck yours under a shacket or large blazer.

Bright Bags

You can purchase bags in a variety of colours, including orange, pink, yellow, green, and vivid blue. If you can’t pick just one colour to accent your clothing, try two-toned or multi-hued patterns. Bold colourways are the big handbag trend of 2023, so stay up to date.

bright coloured handbags

Mod Print

Designers bowed to the ’60s on the catwalks with A-line miniskirts and nearly dizzying themes while also adding a spice of Y2K nostalgia to the mix. By pairing bold prints with even bolder ones, such as a jacquard knit sweater and swirly skirt, you can embrace your inner print mixer.

Baguette Bags

If you remember the first trendy bag that was popular during the late 1990s and early 2000s, you’ll be happy to know that the baguette bag is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Take one of these timeless shoulder bags with you wherever you go for the ultimate retro look. Many designs also feature a detachable shoulder strap so you can simply alter your look.

Extra Leather

As S&M and biker-style items as well as sleek, fitted, head-to-toe outfits in exquisite neutrals and loud colours emerged this year, leather underwent a daring revamp, offering smooth alternatives for wearers who are not risky with their clothing choices.