Fashions Most Everlasting Trend: Why Leopard Print Will Never Go Out of Date

leopard print

The mighty leopard print, the most powerful look out there.

Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot fault its ability to create a cohesive look when paired with any item of black clothing. So, just why are people going so roaring mad for animal print?

Probably because of how versatile the print is. It is daring, yet also a fashion neutral. Whether you go pure Kat Slater vibes or a straight off the runaway girl look, leopard print can be stylized however you want. Both summer and winter, girls just can’t resist the leopard print!

We have seen leopard print tear down runways, the different looks the top fashion designers present, show just how miscellaneous styling leopard print can be. You see Tom Ford bringing an electric, daring and lustrous red leopard print suit forward while Victoria Beckham’s leopard print coat was one of her most talked-about pieces from last years Autumn/Winter show. The lightweight and sleek leopard print coat, different from the colour that of Tom Fords, gives off a more casual and modish feel and look. So time to know our Leopard Print from our Cheetah Print.

How to wear a leopard print top?

When it comes to lady’s leopard print tops, there’s a whole variety to choose from, depending on the occasion. You’ve got the leopard print blouse, perfect for the office. Style it with some black culottes, or some burgundy or dark green trousers if you want more colour. The leopard print shirt is another good one for the office, or if you’re going for a smart look. Tuck a leopard print shirt into a cute black skirt – chic!


You have then got the leopard print bodysuit – perfect for the getaway with the girls! Tuck it into some high waisted denim shorts, perfect for the night on the town or a casual stroll down the beach this summer.

TOP TIP: a leopard print bodysuit is perfect for pool or boat parties!

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While we are on the subject of summer and beaches, a leopard print cami or a leopard print wrap top are ultimate must-haves for that summer evening look. Perfectly partnered with pretty much anything you want. The leopard print wrap top looks lovely with leopard print shorts — the ultimate two-piece.

For the tomboys and casual wearers: the leopard print t-shirt. Your perfect go-to T, the grey leopard print top, perfect over a pair of white jeans, for example. The best casual outfit. Subtle, yet the leopard print conveys confidence and a slight bit of sass!

What to wear with a leopard print skirt?

The leopard print skirt may seem too loud for some, yet it is one of the most adaptable pieces out there. Dressed up or down, a leopard print pleated silky skirt or leopard print denim skirt pairs perfectly with that basic plain white T you have bundled in your wardrobe somewhere. Throw on some sporty trainers for a dress-down look or glam it up with a pair of dainty heels.

A leopard print denim skirt is ultra-trendy with a baggy jumper tucked in at the front. Again, the ability to rock it casually with a pair of boots for a downtown look or slip into some heels for drinks with the girls. The denim skirt is an all-time fav!

No matter what the length: mini, midi or maxi; the leopard print skirt is here for you on every occasion.

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How to wear a leopard print dress?

Look for coloured leopard print in SS19 for an ultimate knock-out look. Take a look at Alexander McQueen’s red zebra-patterned dress, for example – outfit goals.

Once thought to be trashy, the all leopard print maxi dress is a lot easier to wear than you may think. Play to the boldness of the leopard print and let it clash with other colours. Chuck on a striped – t-shirt or jumper over the dress, the maxi dress can work both as a dress and a skirt. Just like the rock n roll queen herself, Kate Moss, leopard print always works well with black. Work a leopard print dress with a black cardigan and chunky black boots.

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What to wear with a leopard print dress?

You can never go wrong with a black leather jacket with a leopard print dress. In fact, you can never go wrong with a black leather jacket full stop!

Pop the leather jacket over your shoulders instead of putting the jacket on for a trendy and elegant look.

How to accessorize a leopard print dress?

Don’t overdo it! The leopard print speaks for itself.

Keep accessories to a minimum, a simple splash of colour always works a charm. An orange or a pink bag, matching lipstick and shoes are a total hit!

What leopard print accessories should you be going wild over?

You want to be part of the leopard print craze, but you don’t want to dive deep into a leopard print dress, start slow with some leopard print accessories.

A contemporary classic: the leopard print handbag. No person should be without one. You really can’t go wrong with a leopard print bag, and that is a fact. Take your pick on styles which slightly differ depending on whether you want an everyday bag or a leopard print clutch bag for a night out.

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A leopard print belt is your go-to accessory if you want to spruce up your favourite pair of jeans. For natural appeal and a subtle statement, this really is a good one for just an added hint of glamour.

Leopard print scrunchie’s (or bracelets as some people choose to wear them) are a simple and fashionable accessory to add to that dress down day in the office. Perfect with a pair of black jeans and a basic white T-Shirt.

So, you get the idea. A timeless print that does look good on every piece of clothing out there. If you don’t believe me, look around you and see it for yourself. Vogue!

Know your Big Cat Animal Print


In our research, we have found Cheetah Print made from a Leopard pattern. Now everyone knows a Leopard can’t change it’s spots so here is a guide as they are designed on the animal. I know Cheetahs are the fastest land animals, but lucky they have been captured on film. It’s also apparent the Jaguar is also used, which has similarities to the leopard spots but are larger and more open.

leopard print
Cheetah Print
Jaguar Print
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