7 DIY Beauty Treatments That Actually Work

organic citrus homemade scrub

Do you need treatments that will make you feel fresh and rested? Say no more. Some DIY treatments promise the ultimate hydration of the skin, hair and glow.

In addition to the classic day and night beauty routine, add something new to your schedule. Now you can do it on the premises of your home. This is a great reason to stay home and enjoy the benefits of a self-made beauty experience. I bring you tips that will take your beauty care to a higher level.

Enable yourself to escape from everyday life and indulge in the charms of the experience of home treatments! If you also like hedonism and put self-love first, consider the following beauty rituals.

woman exfoliating her skin


1.   Deep face wash

The first step is to thoroughly clean the face. If you already have makeup on your face, you need to use an oil-based cleanser and a foaming cleanser (CeraVe). Double cleansing is the best way to remove impurities such as makeup and SPF.

Apply the appropriate oil to a dry face. Rub it all over your face for 20 seconds to melt away makeup or SPF. Then, wet your hands and repeat the process. Massage it gently and rinse it with water.

After that, wash your face with a cleanser and gently dry it. It’s time to exfoliate. It will penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. I suggest an enzyme peel if you don’t want to use too harsh ingredients.

Enzymes are compounds from fruits such as papaya, pineapple or pumpkin that dissolve proteins. This composition helps you to remove dead skin cells. You will notice the results quickly and last longer by using an enzymatic face peeling once a week for deep cleansing.

2.   DIY way to remove blackheads

Although you will remove most of the impurities with enzyme peeling, you will not remove blackheads so easily. You will have to push them out. Use a blackhead spatula or other tool to gently squeeze the dirt out of the pores, but do not touch the inflamed pimples. Stick to the T zone.

Be sure to sterilize tools before and after use, as well as the treated area on the face. Put a sheet mask with soothing ingredients on your face, and after removing it, apply a moisturizer. Don’t forget about the eye area.

home facial skin rehydration

3.   7 skin methods

Do you have a problem with tired, grey and inelastic skin? If your answer is yes, your face probably needs hydration.

One of the most effective methods for achieving deep hydration and healthy-looking skin is the 7-skin method. The first results are visible immediately after the treatment, and your skin will remain hydrated for days. This procedure is better than any sheet mask and involves the following steps.

You need a liquid hydrating product that contains carefully selected ingredients. This means that essential oils, perfumes and alcohols are not desirable. Choose a toner, essence or lotion. Then wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply the product while your face is still wet.

Gently dab one layer at a time, but make sure the previous one is absorbed. As a rule, you should repeat this 7 times. However, every skin is different, determine the amount of product according to your face.

So if it doesn’t absorb after the third time (usually it’s combination/oily skin), that’s it. Wipe off any excess with a tissue, then apply hydrating cream to your face. Remember: this method is never performed with acids, thermal water and oils.

4.   Natural hair regrowth treatment

I have some tips if you want to recover your hair but avoid spending money in expensive salons. You’ll need a combination of nourishing oils, a hair mask, a shampoo with no harmful ingredients, and a scalp scrub.

Before washing your hair, soak your scalp with oil and massage it. Do this for a while.

You can also use a silicone scalp massager for this purpose. In this way, you will improve circulation and provide better access to other products. After the massage, leave the oil on your head for a couple of hours or sleep with it on. Rinse your hair well and use a mild conditioner that will soften the hair.

Before drying your hair, you must apply a heat protectant, and the best way is to dry your hair naturally.

woman looks at split ends

5.   Repair your split ends

Hairdressers recommend using oil before every wash and a mask once a week. When choosing a hair mask, focus on products with nourishing ingredients.

It is used on clean hair. It is applied in a thicker layer to the entire hair length, and for better results, use a comb with many needles. Gather your hair in a bun, put a silicone cap on your head and a towel over it. That way you will make good insulation.

Keep the mask on your head for at least half an hour and a maximum of 3 hours, and wash it off with water. Of course, try to avoid exposing your hair to high temperatures and use lukewarm water when washing your hair.

6.   Treatment for smooth body skin

Use facial products if you need an instant solution for dry body skin. The secret to hydration is in layers. So, prepare your skin by cleansing and exfoliating it.

It is preferable to spend some time in a warm bath beforehand because you will open it better and soften the skin. You can opt for mechanical peeling, retinol or salicylic acid.

Retinol and salicylic acid are the most popular active ingredients in facial care, but they also do a great job on the rest of the body. You will be delighted with the results. These products have a preventive effect on ingrown hairs and dryness.

Mature skin will love retinol. Whatever you choose, you also need a hydrating body lotion to apply afterwards. You can use the active ingredients every three days.

For instant hydration, do a mechanical exfoliation, apply hyaluronic acid to wet skin all over the body and wait for it to absorb. After that, use oil and, finally, apply a moisturizer. This treatment is recommended every week.

home foot spa

7.   Detox foot spa pedicure

We all like to have soft and well-groomed feet. You will only need a few “tools” that we usually have at home or can be found in nearby drugstores. Remove all nail material and dry-file the heel.

Then fill the container with water, pour sea salt and essential oil as desired. Keep your feet in the water for at least half an hour, then exfoliate your feet. Rinse off the product and move on to trimming the cuticles.

Since the leather is soft on these parts, you won’t have to put in much effort. Remove excess skin around the nails, shape the nails and apply a soothing cream to the treated area.

Once you’ve done that, you can move on to your heels. Massage your feet with nourishing oils, wait for the skin to absorb the product and apply a moisturizer. After a few minutes, apply Vaseline and wrap your feet in foil.

In this way, the skin will absorb all the products, and it is advisable to wear thick socks over it and ensure better insulation. You will hydrate your feet for weeks after this treatment.

organic citrus homemade scrub
organic citrus homemade scrub


Imagine glowing clear skin, flowing hair and looking like you just stepped out of the salon. Now you know you can look like this every day and don’t need an expensive two-hour treatment. The answers are DIY treatments that couldn’t be simpler!

In the end, the fact that you have done something good for yourself will surely lift your mood. All you need is to find suitable products and choose DIY beauty rituals.