How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Last Updated on 18th January 2023

The New year often brings an extra desire for people to naturally want the best for the coming months, and often it involves self care, losing weight or getting fitter. Of course, this doesn’t mean the motivation matches the demand.

Those who regularly exercise reap benefits in the form of improved health and increased energy levels. Physical activity not only improves brain function and lowers the chance of getting diseases but also strengthens muscles.

Exercising improves your ability to accomplish daily duties enthusiastically and successfully. There are a lot of benefits that come with a frequent workout routine, but some people refrain from doing sports regularly.

There may be several reasons why some people cannot make time for exercise and reach those fitness goals, but one of the most frequent ones is the lack of drive and motivation, especially in older adults.

If you are one of those who needs workout motivation to get in shape, you need a lifestyle change. Here are our top tips you should know:

The mind is the driving force of the body

You are your brain’s servant. You behave according to what you perceive, and you perceive according to what you store in your brain. Thus, persuade yourself with compelling reasons that health is the most important possession one could have.

Teach your brain to motivate yourself to exercise with cognitive behaviour. You can nourish your brain by reading about the advantages of sports online or in any interesting books. Read about what the benefits to achieving your goals. The hardest part is starting the new habits, and taking that first step is the biggest.

Make your goals realistic and the sense of achievement will spur you on to constantly improve and better yourself.

woman uses exercise bike at home
Exercising at home is good for those with a busy schedule

Add a workout to your schedule

Make a timetable for your daily, weekly, and monthly sports activities to ensure they are completed efficiently. Making a timetable also keeps you from wasting time on unimportant things, and ensures you give enough time for your fitness routine even if on your lunch break.

When you add the workout to your schedule, you will move heaven and earth to complete the day’s unfinished assignment because you will not stand in front of the mirror with a dissatisfied look.

If you prefer to exercise early in the morning, the timetable will encourage you to go to the gym or any other workout location. If you know that early exercising is not for you, try doing your workouts in the evening.

If you skip an exercise, do not be too hard on yourself. Simply get back on track as quickly as possible.

It will be better to hire a professional to schedule your activity. This is a great idea because professionals will guide you and make the whole workout plan. If you need professional trainers, you can find their contact information on Nuwber. You can also search online for any websites or social media accounts where many specialists post about what you should take into account when working with a trainer.

women motivating each other

Make a bet

When you make a bet with someone, you leave no stone unturned in your efforts to win. You do it because our competitive nature within you drives you to go the extra mile to win at whatever cost.

Make a bet with your mates if you want to lose weight, for instance. The bet should not be necessarily in the form of money, and should be simple goals to achieve. You can come up with something more creative. For example, the first person who loses will need to run every morning for a week or eat healthy breakfasts for a whole month.

Put your workout clothes on 

Putting on nice workout gear is the most effective method to get inspired to exercise and get in the zone. After putting your dedicated clothes on, it should change your mindset so you are less inclined to lie on the sofa. Choose sports clothing that fits you and makes you feel fantastic. It does not matter if you choose bright or dark colours as long as your clothes make you feel powerful and ready to push yourself to your limits.

Make sure you get enough rest

It is vital to get days off exercise. You are more likely to injure yourself if you actively continue the training without taking a day off for relaxation. Without proper rest, your strained muscles will take more time to heal. Do not overtrain, as it might reset your progress.

Furthermore, when you are weary from regular activities and do not rest, your body gets exhausted. As a result, your motivation may deteriorate. You should relax your body, which means taking some days off from sports. Aim for an exercise session a few times a week, rather than every day. Or at least do only mild training on your rest days.

Find people who will help you

Tell your best friend or spouse that you will offer them something if they keep an eye on you. For example, if you do not exercise, they can remind you about it. In return, you can offer them a tasty breakfast or buy something they want.

Social media is a terrific method to have others hold you accountable. If posting your exercise pictures on your favourite social network encourages you, go ahead and do it.

Use technology to keep you motivated

Over the last decade, technology has advanced dramatically. A lot of new technologies have appeared: from fitness trackers to advanced mobile apps that evaluate all relevant statistics about your activity and keep you updated about your performance.

Many smartphone applications can assist you in keeping track of your exercises. Use the one that your friends have installed so you can keep track of each other, provide support, and compare workouts. Your friends can also see and follow every workout you complete and remark on your progress to help motivate you.

The applications integrate with social network accounts and function on Apple and Android devices, including smartphones and wearables. Plus music can be a wonderful motivator, so stick some new tunes on and get out there.


You don’t need to be running marathons to have succeeded, any milestone achieved should be celebrated and even a single jog improves your overall health so is something to be proud of.

Exercising does not add days to your life. It adds life to your days. Whatever you do regularly typically results in inevitable success. If you start a workout today and do sports systematically, you will thank yourself later.

If you effectively teach your brain to exercise, then you will not need anything else to drive you. Aside from that, you may bet with friends and use cutting-edge technologies to improve your exercise regimen.

When you put yourself in a competitive situation with others, you are more likely to stay motivated. However, rest is also necessary because your body needs time to recover from constant activity.