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The 883 Police Story

883 Police official bio states they were born in Italy in 1995, but UK business records suggest it’s owned by Zabou Casualwear Limited and the Moosa family up in Preston which was also set up in 1995. Regardless of it’s origins, the streetwear market is full of brands playing the Made in Italy or London in the title.

Maybe the idea was born while on holiday while looking at Police sunglasses, maybe the Moosa’s are Italian and moved to Preston or bought it later (it was incorporated in 2004). Either way, it’s irrelevant. I’d always judge clothing brands on their garment quality, and 883 Police are genuine experts in denim manufacturing.

Lewis Hamilton in police sunglasses available at 883 police
Lewis Hamilton Police Sunglasses

Is 883 police the same as Police lifestyle?

This is one more thing to clear up, as they are not the same. The website sells PLCE clothing, and also Police lifestyle accessories and clothing. The latter is the Italian brand set up in 1983 by the De Rigo brothers, and famous for it’s sunglasses and current collab range with Lewis Hamilton. 883 Police are different, but sell the Police Lifestyle on their site too.

Is 883 police a good brand?

Yes, genuine customer reviews praise the fit and quality of the clothing and are mostly positive. There are some of the complaints that are standard for online retailers, but delivery issues are not in their control.

Hopefully you will judge the brand based on their Americana-influenced designs and fits.

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Size guide

You can find the 883 Police size guide on their website.