What Features Do The Best Laptop Bags Have In Common?

Last Updated on 7th October 2021

For someone who works and travels simultaneously, your office can be anywhere you’re currently situated. Thanks to the portability of technological gadgets these days, you can get things done efficiently with just a speedy and reliable internet, plus a good quality laptop.

However, being mobile and on the go also requires you to invest in reliable accessories for your laptop computer. Prioritize a durable and ergonomic carrier to protect your computer and here are the important features for the best laptop bags. 

Laptops could be your prized possession not only because of their monetary value but basically because your company’s data are all stored in them. Hence, it’s crucial to keep it safe and protected from external factors that can cause mishaps and damages.

Simply put, there are various things to consider when deciding on what laptop bag to use. It should be easy and comfortable to carry, comes with anti-theft features, and is fashionable enough to compliment any outfit you’re wearing.

If you’re on the hunt for your next sturdy laptop bag, stay up to date with the standard features that the best laptop bags have in the market today:

  1. Style 

One ultimate feature most people highlight is the style of a laptop bag. While it’s true that there’s more to it than how it looks, you can’t put off how significant the type is when shopping for the right laptop bag for you.

When selecting, this will also correlate to what you do every day. Are you a college student, researcher, traveler, or a 9 am-5 pm office worker? You can determine the right style and practicality in design when you can match it with your daily requirements.

Von Baer Leather Laptop Bags

If you’re more concerned with style and quality simultaneously, you can check vonbaer.com and find a leather laptop bag that is perfect for you. They come with many styles, designs, and different leather materials to choose from.

Business City Laptop Bag from Von Baer
Business City Laptop Bag from Von Baer


If you’re travelling more frequently, one style to go for is a laptop backpack. It’s one famous style because of the storage capacity it possesses. You can bring a lot of stuff with it, making it great for travelling from one city to another. A shoulder laptop bag will suffice if you’re a casual user who travels around your local area. It’s convenient to carry and stylish at the same time.


Another feature to consider when deciding on the style is the ease of commuting. It is easier to carry a backpack or shoulder bag if you are commuting by bus or train. For bike riders, though, a laptop messenger bag can seem to be more practical, as you can easily reach into your bag when you hop on and off your bike. Moreover, using a backpack might make you feel sweaty and hot on your back while riding.  

Style For Men 

Gender preferences also vary when it comes to style. A guy typically prefers leather briefcase laptop bags or leather messenger bags. This video shows what a hybrid laptop travel bag looks like.  For a boy-next-door vibe, they may sometimes go for canvas laptop bags too. 

Style For Women 

Now for women, tote-style laptop bags are more common because they look more stylish and complement their dressy outfits easily. It is more elegant and stylish to carry a totes laptop bag, not overly bulky. 

the Best Laptop Bags have enough room

  1. Sturdy Zippers 

Although some might overlook this feature, know that it’s also important to choose sturdy zippers on your laptop bag. If it’s too hard or too easy to pull, it’s not good. Make sure the zipper performs consistently by zipping and unzipping it many times. Metal sliders and thicker teeth are the hallmarks of better zippers.  

A nylon plastic zipper may come undone or fall apart more quickly than a metal zipper on a cheaper bag. Also, consider weather-resistant zippers, especially if you commute, walk around, and often move with your laptop bag. Molded plastic and metal chain zippers are also generally reliable and sturdy.  

  1. Storage Capacity And Compartments 

An essential factor to consider when buying a laptop bag is how many compartments and pockets it has. While carrying a bag requires effort to bring, it’s better to maximize the storage capacity.    

A laptop compartment needs to be cushioned well to prevent scratches caused by other items in the bag. There won’t be any damages to the laptop when you accidentally bump into something else, knocked it over, or dropped.  

Moreover, having designated pockets and compartments for other accessories is very helpful in locating your stuff quickly. Also, consider an anti-theft laptop bag so there will be hidden pockets that you can use to store important things like Identification Cards (IDs), money, or credit cards. While choosing the right streetwear clothing brand, it’s also essential to factor in the best brand that offers laptop bags with suitable compartments.

  1. Reliable Straps 

Sometimes laptop bags with poor strap quality can feel like a burden to carry. Especially if you’ll need to bring them for long continuous hours, pay close attention to the leading edges of the shoulder strap to make sure they don’t fray over time.  

As you carry the bag on your shoulder, the weight will rest on the shoulder pad, so go for a padded shoulder strap all the time. Other factors to check when selecting straps are the following:

  1. Adjustable

The straps need to be adjustable, movable, and detachable. This will allow you to change it according to your preferred flexibility. 

Thick Enough

As mentioned, pads on the shoulders are essential to eliminate having a stiff or marked shoulder. Cushions can also distribute the weight of the laptop bag, making it easy to carry them for longer times.  


Straps that are too slippery could be troublesome as you need to bring them to a place so many times. It should have a rubberized part to maintain the friction with your clothes so they won’t have to keep slipping. 

laptop bags for business

  1. Ergonomic Design 

When people carry their laptop bags for an extended period of time, their shoulders and backs often suffer from pain since the bags are poorly designed. This is why you need to prioritize ergonomics too. 

Shoulder pain can be prevented when you choose to use ergonomic laptop bags. An ergonomic laptop bag promotes good posture and provides comfort. If you want an even distribution of weight on your shoulders, the backpack style can be the best option. However, if you’re more comfortable wearing it alternately on each shoulder side, a shoulder laptop bag won’t be a problem.  


Throughout this article, you have discovered what features are offered mainly by the best laptop bags. It’s important to consider how you need to use it daily, whether you move a lot, commute, and what style or features you need. Moreover, consider checking the strap quality and the zippers when choosing the perfect laptop bag. Hopefully, this article has helped you better in selecting the right laptop bag to buy soon.