Guide to Choosing the Best Designer Watches for Women

Women are more than just mere human beings when it comes to fashion. From the little girl immersed in her fantasy to the young damsel blossoming in her youth and even to the gentle mother celebrating her umpteenth anniversary, a touch of fashion magic can always do great wonders. Style in its smallest and most insignificant form has a way of always tickling a woman’s fancy regardless of age or even status.

Wristwatches are a great indication of how the miniature can make such magnificent differences, especially where women are concerned. When it comes to a woman, a watch is more important for the statement it makes rather than for the time it tells. More than just showing the hour, a girl needs to have a watch that introduces her grace and glamour.

A woman’s timepiece is just as precious as her jewellery which inadvertently demands that great lengths of time and energy be invested to get just the right one for her unique taste and look. Random selection may not cut it since it is the value of her style and poise that is at stake.

The best designer watches for women come in different shapes and sizes. This article aims to inform its readers about the features that need to be considered before purchasing a designer watch as it pertains to women.  Interaction with it should be able to give you the necessary tools needed in getting a suitable chronometer either for you as a woman or for a lass you may want to gift.

Key Aspects to Consider

The following are the major factors that need to be considered when looking to pick out the best designer watches for women:


Since watches are habitually worn, a good one should have the ability to withstand constant degradation whilst still retaining its cutting edge as far as fashion is concerned. It is thus of vital importance to understand the right combination of materials that are required in order to get a charming and long-lasting timepiece.

When considering materials that ensure durability, one must also be mindful of the different parts of the watch. Gold, ceramic, stainless steel and titanium are great materials for the back and front exteriors. Gold and other precious metals such as silver can also be used for the strap even though leather, rubber and different fabrics are more common.

The exterior face of the watch otherwise known as its crystal should have mineral glass. This is because it is clear and elegant without being too vulnerable to cracks and scratches. Quartz is a great material for the inner oscillators which are used for time-keeping.

Taste and Preferences

There are many facets that influence one’s individual inclination towards a particular thing. Colour is one of such factors. It is thus important to choose Women’s watches with a colour that highlights the individual qualities you may want to express for example gold is a representation of grandeur while pink commemorates femininity.

Brand is another factor that affects one’s personal perceptions. It is thus advisable to source a watch from proven brands not only because of the reputational backing it may have but also due to the after-sale services such as warranties which are usually offered by such labels. Size and shape also control our preferences hence it is important to choose a watch that matches your style and personality.

Utility and Usability

Just like taste, there are many indicators that determine the merit of a watch. Water repellence is certainly at the top of the list. The difference between repellence and resistance is basically intentionality. While water resistance means the ability to prevent entering of water to a certain degree, repellence means not easily corrupted by water as a result of having components that have been specifically installed to prevent such penetration.

Quality is centred around the ability of something to satisfy your needs. As such, needs such as occasions, flexibility as well as the frequency of wearing need to be considered when selecting a timepiece. Movement types for example quartz, mechanical and automatic also signal the level of utility of a watch.

Smart-watches have also been on the rise because of their ability to communicate information such as fitness levels thus giving them a higher utility level when compared to other watches.


Womanhood is defined by beauty and charm. Express your feminine glitter today by getting yourself a brand new designer watch.