5 Apps Fashionistas Need To Download Right Now

Technology completely changed the fashion industry. Now fashionistas can access all the latest news, collections, and many more straight from their smartphones. You don’t have to hunt for tickets to fashion week or wait in front of your TV to see the newest show from your favourite designer. All you need are a couple of fashion apps, and you will know all the popular trends.

Remember that apps do require your personal information, so be careful what you share with them. Big companies with a lot of active users are often targets. Make sure you provide only the necessary information to third parties.

Our curated list of fashion apps will inspire you to upgrade your style, organize your closet, or save a fashion look you adore. So let’s dive in!


Most of us struggle to pack the right clothes when traveling. The climate at your destination is probably different and knowing what to expect is difficult. The same goes for the midseason period when the weather changes daily. Enter Latitude, an app that will help you pick the right clothes for any time of the year.

The masterminds behind this app are Anne Slowey and Anne Christensen, fashion veterans with impressive resumes. Latitude will give you outfit suggestions that are both trendy and temperature-appropriate. So every time you wake up in the morning, you will get a new outfit selection suitable for you, as well as the climate you are currently in.

How To Start A Depop Shop


Depop has been a massive hit among younger generations for quite some time now. It is essentially a social shopping platform that allows users to sell thrift items. But don’t expect to find cheap and poorly made clothes on this app. Depop is super trendy, and celebrities, as well as influencers, love this app. Some of them even have their Depop shops. That list includes Lottie Moss, a British fashion model, and Chiara Ferragni, an Italian fashion influencer.

It is similar to Instagram because users have profiles. But it is still a marketplace, so think eBay or maybe forgotten Nasty Gal. Of course, you can follow your favourite Depop shops and see the new drops in your feed. If you are looking for some fashion inspiration or want to see what is out there, hit the Explore button.

Like To Know It

How many times did you see a cute outfit on Instagram but couldn’t find the items you are interested in anywhere? Like To Know It is an app that solves this problem. It does require participation from influencers because they need to upload their photos to Like To Know It as well, so the app might not be available in all situations. However, it is still a great start.

New users need to create an account and log in. Then they will see the links to all the items in their saved photos on Instagram. Like To Know It might not be the perfect solution to shopping your Instagram feed. But it has partnered with more than 4,000 retailers, and that list is growing steadily.

Vogue Runway

The list of fashion apps wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Vogue, the most iconic fashion magazine out there. So it shouldn’t be surprising that Vogue has an app that is a fashion bible for the digital era. It is the perfect place to watch the fashion week and follow the latest collections by world-renowned designers.

Vogue Runway provides access to a massive gallery of runway shows so you may dive deeper into the history of fashion too. Plus, you can find reviews by some of the best fashion commentators and editors right here in the app.


Do you remember that scene in Clueless where Cher Horowitz picks her outfit with the help of a computer? Well, you can have that app on your phone. Whering is way more modern than Cher’s Closet and will help you organize your closet perfectly. All you need to do is take photos of your clothes and start playing with different combinations.

You can ask the app to give you suggestions. So you will always have a stylish outfit ready in the morning. Whering also has a built-in calendar that will track the clothes for you. It is a great way to find out which pieces you rarely wear so you can put them in the rotation.