How to Dress More Confidently

Dressing confidently isn’t just about the clothing items themselves; it’s about the way you hold yourself, the way you feel in certain clothing items, and how comfortable these clothes make you feel. Dressing confidently can come from choosing a style that’s right for you, in the right size, and it can be difficult for some people to achieve if they lack self-esteem when it comes to their wardrobe.

Signs Your Fashion Game is Lacking Confidence

  • You always wear the same thing
  • You’re anxious about trying new outfits
  • You usually wear baggy clothes to cover yourself, not because you actually like them
  • You try to wear something which will draw less attention
  • You don’t feel confident no matter what you wear
  • You think about what other people will think when choosing clothes, rather than what you think about them

dressing with confidence

How to Dress More Confidently

Measure Yourself and Apply Those Measurements to Each Store

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to sizes, so you shouldn’t be trying to squeeze into something smaller or shop too big. Measuring yourself properly is the first step to finding clothes that will make you feel more confident.

Furthermore, sizes change in every store and can be affected by the style and shape of clothes. It’s much better to take measurements with you, or when shopping online, to match to the store’s sizing options so that you can always find the right fit. And there is no shame in shopping the dedicated plus size fashion brands, the aim is to make you feel great.

If you do prefer a baggier or tighter fit, then you can then go one size up or down based on your measurements. Proper fitting clothes not only look better but feel better, too.

Include Fragrance

Fragrance can be a key part of your outfit that can have you feeling different. The right perfume or scent can help to boost your confidence no matter what you’re wearing and add a different element to any outfit. Fragrances like scandal perfume are popular options. You can find this easily online and start enjoying it sooner rather than later.

Start with One New Item that Excites You

If you usually avoid buying anything too bold or exciting, don’t try and replace your entire wardrobe at once. Instead, build confidence by buying only one new clothing item that you usually wouldn’t (as long as it’s something you want to wear) and try it on for size. Reward yourself by purchasing a few anime t-shirts with an image of your favourite character. You can see how you feel when wearing it and get used to the feeling of wearing something different. You may even get a host of compliments that will build your confidence, too.

Avoid Current Trends

Unless you’re really passionate about fashion as a hobby or job, you may want to lay off the social media or trend pressures when it comes to clothing. This can result in you feeling like you have to buy something you may not actually like, or feel inadequate wearing something that suits other personalities better.

When it comes to clothes, you should only wear what makes you feel great to boost that self-confidence and what you like the style of, regardless of current trends. Finding a store that has the type of clothes you would happily choose is a great start, then you know exactly where to shop.