Tips For Launching Your Hoodie Brand

With a designer hoodie selling for as high as $2000, it makes sense that so many brands compete to be the best. Judging from the number of different brands of hoodies on Wordans, the hoodie market is becoming more attractive and competitive as the days go by. To launch your brand and join the race to become the best brand, here are some tips on how to have a successful launch.

4 Tips To Successful Launch Your Hoodie Brand

Below are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Do A Market Survey

When launching a successful brand, especially in the hoodie industry, taking a market survey should be your first line of action. You must get to know who your targeted audiences are, what they like, and what they look for. The survey helps you know if they are into complex or simple design, the kind of colours they like, and how much they can spend.

You also get to know if you should concentrate on kids, adults, or both. With the information obtained from the survey, you can be able to know how much you will be making and how much you should be looking to invest.

launching a hoodie brand

  1. Pick A Name And Design For The Brand

This point is so important because the identity of a brand lies in its name and design. This is what will set you apart from your competitors in the market. In picking a name and design for your brand, you must ensure that you:

  • Avoid trending words or phrases as they tend not to last for long
  • Pick a name which is unique and special
  • Avoid using complex words since they are difficult to remember
  • Use appealing words or phrases

Picking words that fit all these descriptions might be difficult. But discussing about it with your partner, for example, and keeping an open mind will help you find the right inspiration.

  1. Make A Budget

Knowing how much you will be putting into the business is very important. Most people today make the mistake of starting a business without knowing how much it will cost. Making a budget helps you know how much you need to start and where to source the money if you don’t have it. A business budget also makes it easier to access loans and grants to launch your brand. When drafting your budget, it is important to include bills like transportation, telephone, food, and define an emergency fund. In fact, they tend to take up a large percentage of your budget, if not accounted for.

  1. Promotion and Advertisement

When launching your hoodie brand, you should be ready to go all out in putting your brand out there. Leveraging a huge audience on social media to advertise your brand should be your top priority. Giving out free hoodies and organizing small fashion events and competitions is also a good way to reach out to potential local customers.


Launching a hoodie brand in today’s world might be discouraging because of big fashion names. But one thing you should know is that you will never have a successful brand if you don’t start one. So to launch yours, diligently follow the tips above and carry out more extensive research. The sky will be your starting point.